How old was onision when he started dating lainey

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how old was onision when he started dating lainey

James Jackson [1] born: Gregory James Daniel ; [1] November 11, [age 35]better known online as Onisionis an American YouTuber and internet personality. He is sometimes described as "The most controversial YouTuber," and "YouTube's most troubled star", having been in almost every controversy possible. He is most recognizable in mainstream media as the creator of the viral video, "Banana Song I'm A Banana ". Onision has never outwardly discussed his birthplace or hometown, but it is believed that he was born or at least lived in Oregon at some point during korean dating black upbringing, due to his mentioning going to school in Oregon. Another suspected hometown would be Auburn, WA, given to us via Archive. Greg's parents divorced when he was two-years-old after his father was convicted of committing a sexual crime against a minor.
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  • Greg was an airman in the United States Air Force, from which he quit, citing its conflict with his liberal views. His first channel was Onision, made back in In his earliest videos, Greg would refer to himself by Onision, though he has said he initially planned on referring to himself as and being referred to as "Greg. Greg created his second channel, OnisionArchive, in He never went into detail about the nature of this second channel when he started it, but it was used as a secondary channel in the same way many YouTubers utilized secondary channels at the time; as a platform for additional content, as well as to maximize on the earning power of his audience via advertisements.

    As ofthe OnisionArchive channel has been used in the way its name suggests; as a user archive. InGreg created the channel OnisionSpeaks known by him and fans simply as Speaksas a charity effort to support awareness of vegetarianism. Shortly after its conception, however, the OnisionSpeaks channel became his primary self-help and peer-advisory channel. Because of its nature, the channel has been a source of controversy for Greg, due in part to users accusing him of assigning himself as a professional on the matter of depression and suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

    Despite these accusations, Greg has never conveyed that he believes himself to be of expert help and has often urged viewers to understand that he can only offer advice. InGreg implemented another channel, called OnisionEncore, in which he primarily video blogs. The OnisionEncore channel has the most inconsistent upload schedule of all Greg's channels and is not considered by him or fans as a primary channel of his. InGreg created his most recent channel UhOhBro, on which he uploads videos of him searching for and reacting in real-time to various topics, which he searches for on the search engine Google.

    The UhOhBro channel was his most updated channel in and continues to see a high volume of uploads on a regular basis.

    how old was onision when he started dating lainey

    Greg has written two novels that are a mixture of real events and fictional ones. It follows James who is described as a "better version" of Greg and exploring themes of school shootings and love. The original cover was replaced due to it depicting an inappropriate amount of blood. It has many similarities to Greg's own experiences in the Air Force and is written in a diary form style. Both of his books have been critiqued for having many spelling and grammar errors due to a lack of professional editors, although it is said by Onision in a video that he published the rough drafts of his books rather than the edited version.

    Whether it truly was an accident was never clarified. Greg's video styling has been known to shift throughout his career. At many points in time, he has been seen as happy, humourous, and cheerful, while at other points he has been seen as mentally unstable. By his own account, he has said to change his personality depending on the video he is releasing, based on what he believes the proper delivery of the particular video should be.

    Due to this being his primary following since early in his career, Greg has an adept understanding of his community and applies this understanding to his videos of grooming. He has been criticized for this practice, with critics citing that he manipulates his audience by releasing videos he knows they will react to while claiming such videos are his own self-expression — commonly referred to as manipulative production.

    Onision Wife, net worth, tattoos, smoking & body facts - Taddlr

    Despite the accusations, Greg has never commented on whether or not he utilizes any particular production methods to improve his user reception. Greg has not specified his exact place of birth but old confirmed his birth date as November 11, Greg's mother was told during pregnancy by her doctors that Greg had a high rate of birth defect, and should thus be aborted.

    He has two unnamed sisters. Greg married his first wife, Skye Tantaga, in The two appeared in many videos on the Onision channel together. The couple separated in at Greg's urge. Greg claimed that the split was amicable, but he later stated that Tantaga had burglarized his home, suggesting that the split was more bitter than he had initially told his viewers. The divorce was finalized in October Onision began a highly publicized relationship with Shiloh Hoganson in Greg and Shiloh moved in together early in their relationship.

    Greg has said that the two broke up many times, for very brief periods, before splitting for how months in the Summertime of Following his split from Adrienne after only some weeks, Greg had reunited with Shiloh, before they split again in December The two have not reunited since. Greg married a second time to Taylor Anderson better known by her alias on YouTube, 'Laineybot' in Lainey came into the picture as a fan of Onision in late After was of his breakups with Shiloh, Lainey began to tweet him.

    Dating having gotten back together with Shiloh, Onision started to reply to her via his forums and twitter every so often over the next few months. They met in person when Onision secretly flew down to New Mexico where she Lainey lived. He decided to rent a house there until Lainey graduated high school, as she was only Onision and Started had tried to keep their relationship a secret, perhaps because they knew of the backlash he would have received for dating another underage person.

    Supposedly after their graduation in June, Lainey moved in with him into his house in Seattle. The two have since made their relationship public now that Lainey is no longer a minor. It was discovered in early that Lainey was pregnant with Onision's baby. Due to further backlash and threats, especially towards the baby, on social media, Lainey stopped posting baby bump pictures completely when September.

    They both decided not to post any pictures of their child, not even after birth. However, reflections of the child can be seen in Lainey's sunglasses in a video Onision uploaded titled: "I'll never stop loving you a song for my son ". It is believed that the child's name is Troy. On January 26,Onision posted a video titled "I Betrayed My Wife", he revealed that he had cheated on Lainey with her girlfriend at the time.

    He claimed he didn't do anything he wouldn't dating with a friend, but was unaware that cuddling with the person would be considered as cheating. Lainey added that Lainey and old are separating but not getting divorced yet. They later announced that they were going to try relationship counseling. Such videos were posted on Greg's "comedy" channel and revealed to be made for attention.

    There is much controversy surrounding Onision's real name. On Wikipedia, it says his full name is "Gregory Daniel Jackson", a claim debunked by Onision himself. A recent Facebook account with the name "Taylor A. The account was later removed. Throughout his YouTube career, Onision has been known as one of the most controversial Lainey on the site. This is credited mostly to aspects of his person or his videos throughout his career: his brash delivery of certain viewpoints he has or has hadhis feuding with various other users, his showcasing of deeply private aspects of his personal life, and his handling of certain subjects when communicating with his audience.

    In April Onision uploaded a video called "Murder Eaters" which sparked controversy. The video was eventually deleted, potentially because of the criticism it received. However, started of it can be found on YouTube. His next controversy came inwhere he criticized Shaytards proprietor and former Maker Studios partner Shay Butler for saying that he was going to have his newest son circumcised.

    Greg attacked Butler via Twitter, leading to a massive influx of negativity over social media towards Greg from Butler's fan-base. Greg apologized for implying that his comments were "made personal," but did not apologize for his criticism of Butler. Greg became the subject of scrutiny again in late into early, following his divorce from his first wife. He was criticized for this, as it was seen as very specific private information that was not necessary to share via the internet.

    The controversy went even further on December 25,when Greg posted a video to YouTube documenting that his home had been broken into and that many of his belongings had been stolen, implying that she was the culprit. The authenticity of this incident was brought into question within hours of its release, onision many users questioned why Greg had first thought to film and upload a video instead of contacting the authorities.

    This and potentially along with the nature of the video how prompted Greg when remove the video, though multiple replicas had already been uploaded to YouTube and other websites. In a video released inGreg confirmed that she was responsible for the burglary.

    Kai (Spouse) - Life of Onion

    Hoganson first began appearing in Greg's videos in Aprilnot was after the two started dating. From that point forward, Hoganson made regular appearances on Greg's channels. Dating the Summer ofGreg uploaded old video titled "Shiloh Forgot Me," in which he films Hoganson experiencing memory loss from a range of up to three years. The amount old stress that Shiloh was under caused her to have a seizure. The dating sparked criticism of Greg for uploading and filming Hoganson during a memory loss episode instead of seeking emergency medical attention for her.

    This was the onision of the many controversial videos regarding Hoganson. Also in the summer ofGreg released another highly controversial video regarding Hoganson, in which she is filmed suffering from a seizure. This caused how tremendous amount of backlash towards Greg, as he onision criticized for not was emergency medical attention for Hoganson. Greg defended his when, saying Hoganson had requested not to receive emergency medical attention.

    In addition to this, the when is believed to be fabricated completely, causing criticism to both Greg and Hoganson. She also admitted during a live interview with a "fan" of Greg's, that she was unsure of Greg's intentions throughout the relationship, as the impression she received that he was only interested in sexual intercourse, which may have been a leading cause started the final outcome of the relationship. Following a series of other controversial videos posted through early- and mid, including a telling blog lainey by Hoganson regarding hers and Greg's relationship the authenticity of which has been brought into questionGreg and Hoganson ended their relationship for roughly two lainey in August.

    On September 3,Greg posted a video titled "I Found Her," confirming he had begun a started with a woman who would later be identified as Adrienne Jourgansen. Jourgansen was believed to be at least seven years Greg's junior. The relationship lasted a short time, prompting Jourgansen to publish a letter about her association with Greg.

    It felt like the more I [rejected] his attempts at controlling the situation, the more extravagant his next attempt would be. I want you to remember, this is still night 3 of us talking. Not how years, not 3 months, not 3 weeks, 3 days.

    Billie Dawn Webb () – Onision and YouTuber Billie Webb started dating in January , when he had a break up with Lainey. The couple had a turbulent relationship. Due to the complications in their relationship, they gradually separated in January Onision and Lainey as seen in June (Onision / Instagram) Race / Ethnicity. WhiteDate of Birth: November 11, Onision. On Onision (nickname: Onision) was born in Washington, D.C.. He made his million dollar fortune with YouTube channel: Onision. The . Kai Jackson (formally Kai Elaine Avaroe), was born on October 16, , and is the husband of controversial YouTuber James Jackson, known for his channel identity "Onision". For many months, Gregory was the only one out of the two that referred to Kai as "Kai" and he did not correct Greg. In March , Kai called himself Kai for the first time.

    Please notice how he is already throwing the L-word around — as if he is started it to control me and invoke fear, rather than to express any genuine feelings for me It scares me because I know how calloused he [Greg] is from the last time. Grump tried different ways of separating Kai and Greg such as threatened Greg lainey claiming their relationship was old. Greg says he no longer associates with Mr.

    Grump because Mr. Grump joked about stealing their child. Greg also revealed private family issues to sway viewers that were sympathizing with Mr. He indirectly called Kai "immoral" on twitter for associating with someone that threatened his significant other. Greg has also shown friction with his in-laws when he lashed out multiple times at was specific in-laws over his public Facebook fan-page, which has overfollowers.

    An example of this is when he attacked certain members of Kai's family for being pro-circumcision. Another example is when Greg ranted about how horrible he thinks a specific younger member of Kai's family is and revealed a lot of onision information that he heard them tell Kai. Greg is also known to poke fun at his in-laws religious beliefs.

    On June 26,Kai announced he was pregnant with a picture of his baby bump on Tumblr. Good job. Thanks for being extremely rude. After going back and forth on the matter, Greg and Kai decided to keep their child off of the internet. For the first when, Kai would how about their child on social media and answer fans questions fans asked about him such as the baby's appearance and Kai's parenting decisions. After the first year, Kai became more private with the information shared about their child, usually talking about things like his pregnancy and breastfeeding, but not talking directly about the child.

    Greg had also made a music video and song for his son. InKai and Greg had their second child. Kai hid the pregnancy from the internet, going as far as to film himself from the cheat up not to show his pregnancy bump. Kai later talked about the pregnancy on the Laineybot channel and showed off pregnancy photos. On October 24,Kai tweeted about getting his first tattoo and revealed it was going to be his lucky number.

    Source Later that dating, he posted a picture of his new "27" hip tattoo to Instagram.

    Onision Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

    Kai and Greg got matching "27" tattoos, most likely for the day they started dating, February 27, He showed off his fresh touch-up on his "27" hip tattoo and he and Kai's new matching "14" ankle tattoos. Kai says the tattoo could be a "14" or a "". He says people often mistake it as crosses. He says he unintentionally got legally married on the same day. He says he got the tattoo for his relationship, but jokes if they break up he will still have the other meaning.

    Onision is an abuser.

    InGreg and Kai got themed tattoos together of characters from the Mario video game series. Kai got Yoshi and Greg got Toad. Source InKai got a three flower tattoo designed by Greg. Each flower represented a member of their family, the biggest one representing Greg. Since was public with his relationship with Onision, viewers wondered if Kai when going to create a Youtube channel.

    For the first 3 years of their relationship, Kai maintained he was not planning on creating a channel. Source Kai explained in he is how school to peruse medicine and is not interested in the entertainment industry. He says it's not his job to entertain people on the internet and he is only concerned about Greg and school. Although Kai was not interested in having his own channel during this time, he would occasionally dating appearances in Greg's Youtube videos and Youtuve livestreams.

    For most of the channel's life, Kai's videos were centered around Kai either telling stories old trying out products. Throughout Kai's Youtube career, many drama followers theorized Greg actually ran Kai's started. This is mainly due to the style of writing used in the videos, the video descriptions, and the video titles were more similar to Lainey writing style than Kai's.

    Greg did not begin using these pronouns and referring to Kai as his "significant other" rather than "wife" until latebut Greg did not do it consistently. Later on Greg began referring to Kai as his "spouse" and now his "husband". On September 2,Kai created his BeautyBot channel for his makeup videos. Kai uploaded his last beauty video to the channel on October 7, Kai broadcasted on Younow to talk with fans all throughout He became partnered on the site and began to receive donations from fans.

    Onision Facts & Wiki

    He abruptly stopped broadcasting and did not use Younow for a year and a half. Source One of his last broadcasts before the break featured Greg after many fans requested he come on. Kai and Dating fought throughout the broadcast and Greg made mocked fans and anyone that donated. He stated he onision not like Younow because it was like begging for money and Kai asks "why do you ruin everything I do? In earlyGreg began using Kai's Younow to host debates and a broadcast with his fans.

    He explains he did this to help Kai financially so he could be financially independent if Kai wants to divorce him. Source This is something Greg expressed two weeks before the broadcast on twitter. Kai began broadcasting again on Younow in late This may have been due to the Adpocalypsewhich greatly cut down Greg and Kai's Youtube revenue.

    Greg and Kai became more aggressive in trying to get money from fans during this time. For example, induring a broadcast, Kai started fans he would get a was tattoo if her fans bought him enough "volcanoes" that day. Source Kai got the tattoo shortly after and made the lava rainbow for his bisexuality. Kai stopped consistently broadcasting on Younow inonly occasionally broadcasting to clear up information during scandals he was involved in, like when he old accused of grooming Sarah in early Unlike any other of Greg's relationships, Greg and Kai would get into heated fights publicly on how. This began a few years into their relationship.

    One of the more infamous instances was a fight triggered when Kai expressed excitement when a member of one of his favorite bands tweeted him. Greg became upset because this individual had blocked him on twitter and he believed lainey Kai did not dislike someone that disliked him, Kai was not being loyal. Kai and Greg would also vent tweet after private fights between them. Kai would usually vaguely or bluntly complain about something Greg said or did and Greg will tweet about how he is not deserving of his significant other because Kai is too good for him.

    During these types of tweets, Greg would talk about how he is verbally or emotionally abusive. Source Once during one of these vent tweets sessions, Kai revealed Greg told him he did not want to be married to him when. Source Occasionally, Greg will upload a video soon afterword to explain the private details of what happened between them. Insome viewers began speculating if Kai was bisexual.

    Onision | Wikitubia | Fandom

    This was mainly due to his twitter activity. He would frequently started with his female friends and call them his girlfriend. A social media old Kai had when he was 16 was discovered. One the page, Kai listed himself as bisexual and wrote he was looking for athletic boys and petite girls. Source Whenever Kai was asked about being bi on twitter or tumblr, he denied ever being out as bisexual.

    It lainey speculated Kai denied his bisexuality because it was was common belief at the time that Greg did not trust bisexuals in relationships. This was due to a video where he yelled about how bisexual girls he had dated cheated on him. That because I am bisexual, I cannot be trusted — that I have been inappropriate with a member of one of the sexes I am attracted to". Greg replied to a tumblr anon asking about the profile by saying Kai could be whatever he wants to be and he onision saying "all bisexuals cheat".

    He included the how "lol, silly, whatever". Soruce In a livestream, Kai was asked if he was bisexual. He said no, but said Greg believed he was. Two years later, on July 1,Kai came out as bisexual on twitter. A month after Kai came when on twitter, Greg announced that he is allowing Kai dating date girls to explore his bisexuality.

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