Yeezy dating site

18.08.2021 in 07:09| Wes Luna

yeezy dating site

These days, there's a dating app for pretty much everyone. Trump supporter? There's an app for you? Hate Trump? There's an app for you! You guessed it.
  • New Dating Site Looks to Connect Kanye West Enthusiasts
  • What Is It's Apparently A Dating Site For Kanye West Fans & OMG
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  • Through a common interest in music, users have been able to connect with peers across the country and perhaps even the world. This friendship and relationship building is the sentiment that Yeezy Dating is hoping to carry over onto its platform.

    New Dating Site Looks to Connect Kanye West Enthusiasts

    Yeezy Dating has a Kickstarter page that is seeking volunteer funds from fans of the rapper and those interested in the site, in order to get everything off of the ground. The mind behind the operation is year-old Harry Dry. Of course, should the platform finally come to fruition at some point in the near future, there are a couple boundaries that must be put in place to maintain order within the community.

    Apr 01,  · More than a dating site, Yeezy Dating is working to provide people with a family of like-minded individuals online, even before its release. Only time will tell if the same sense of connections and relationship building can be brought over to the platform on launch. May 05,  · Yeezy Dating is a new website created by year-old Harry Dry to help Kanye fans find true love — love that Kanye West has for Kanye West. It started out as a crowdfunding project and — although Dry was unable to meet his funding goal — the site is officially live and anyone can sign up and create a free account. Praise Yeezus! Apr 23,  · properly launched just last night, with more than 2, signups thus far in the first 24 hours. The site has received so much attention to this point that the server even imcmarketplace.coted Reading Time: 50 secs.

    First order of business, no Taylor Swift fans allowed. On top of the Swiftee ban, rules stated for the site are as follows: 1. Report any dicks. And the last, but perhaps most important rule, 3. Taylor Swift fans are banned.

    What Is It's Apparently A Dating Site For Kanye West Fans & OMG

    The pictures show users with a profile picture, name, age and location, which is the typical protocol of most dating sites and apps. Where things get interesting is further down on the profile where three interest points of the user are revealed.

    yeezy dating site

    In his art, West has never been one to shy away from transparency about his love life and innermost emotions. In fact, the platform has sparked speculations about other celebrity-based dating communities online. After all, music is one of the most universal commonalities people have. With that in mind, the hype around the site is seemingly justified and users might just be getting their hands on the next big thing in online dating. There's an app for you.

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    Super into underwater basket weaving? OK, I can't confirm it, but I would venture to guess dating there is, in fact, an app for you somewhere. And now, there's even an app for Kanye West lovers. So next time you're out and you hear people asking, " what is Yeezy. Looking for a bae you can take a yeezy walk along the beach in your matching Yeezys with? This app's for you. Looking for someone you can rap all the words to "Gold Digger" with?

    Looking for someone you can cuddle with on the couch as you weep at the beautiful lyrics to "Hey Mamma" with? Looking for someone you can watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians with, without the fear of being judged? Looking for a future spouse who will be OK with site your first dance at your wedding to Kanye's "White Dress"? Want someone to vent to about your feelings about Taylor Swift?

    I know what you're thinking. But what if I meet someone on the app site start yeezy smack about Taylor Swift only to find that they also like Taylor Swift?????!?! Well, first of all, I think we can all agree site any true fan of Kanye would not also be a fan of Dating. But even if you're still nervous about an overlap happening, worry no more! The app specifically bans Taylor Swift fans from joining.

    The app isn't quite live yet but their website dating potential users the chance to get yeezy access by providing their emails.

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    1. Dondi Essex:

      Yeezy Dating is a dating site targeted specifically at fans of Kanye West. The aim of the site is to help users find love within a community of Kanye enthusiasts. Appropriately, Taylor Swift fans are banned from using the site.

    2. Michael Hart:

      Oh, Yeezus! There is now a Kanye West dating site and it may be the best thing that none of us asked for.

    3. Anthony Calvert:

      The new dating platform looks to connect users who have one special little thing in common: an undying love for the Grammy-winning artist himself. West and others, while also crowdsourcing the funds for one of its users to order themselves a pizza. Through a common interest in music, users have been able to connect with peers across the country and perhaps even the world.

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