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  • He's a dating freak. And I kind of hope he loves me I am very, VERY confused. My brother is straight, or at least he says so, but one day he was flirting with this guy in class. FYI, so not like him. When I walked over dating my desk, pretending I don't notice, my bro walks over to me and tells me I look hot. I assumed it was a dare, and just looked at him.

    Then he started playing with my hair. He pulled his chair over to my desk, and started cuddling me. I didn't know what to do. Then the teacher walked in. She saw that I was uncomforable, and she's really nice, so she handed me a note. It said site just cuddle him back. So that's what I did. Then our best friend walked in and saw us snuggling. His jaw dropped open and he stomped right up to us. My brother, still clinging on to my arm looked up at him with a dopey grin.

    He smaked both of us. I'm getting carried away. Does my brother love me? It wasn't a dare, as he swore, and he lol lie. But he DID say he wasn't gay Sorry if there are any mistakes, it's dark and he's sitting in my lap. I hope he does not read this Thank you for your time. Dinie So, I definitely like him and he seems to only text me but he is super hot and egirl the girls like him, plus my friend is way prettier than me, and everyone ships them cause they are the "pretty people" In my class.

    I just don't know! Helllp, please.

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    Lilly Ahh idk if my guy best friend likes me back. I mean we talk all the time and that. We talk about the things that people say about us. For Hayden I think u should tell him how u feel say something like Ik u may not feel the same way about me but I like u a lot more than just us being friends Here's the two you mentioned and more. I'll add a link of some content of her.

    Jeez I see this thread got off to a good start lol. Might as well share a video I don't think has been shared before in good faith to quell arguements.

    /ssbbw/ - Foxy Roxxie

    Im sorry I dont have any content to offer but does anyone have her weight update video? Is this the only image board you been to? Anyway all you have to do is click the post number example your post above is If anyone has recent Roxxie content or Boberry at her biggest would be much appreciated. She's the best Love it. It's amazing that she seems to have no health problems too. Hopefully she'll do plenty of videos this year, and show her progress.

    Someone has this one? Does anyone has this? But don't spend your money just yet. Can you upload these two videos?

    Tons of Hard Cobs getting Grabbed -

    The cow print is so hot. The one where she walks through the house is soo good Egirl how she makes the floor creak so much with every step and weight shift! Anyone got the video where she was a princess being forcefed. Anyone know what her top weight was and when? Is she at her biggest right now? I don't think she's lost or site a significant amount dating then, but it's hard to say for sure.

    Here's the weigh-in and the latest clip off OF that I have for comparison's sake. Many thanks. Anyone know if she does private sessions? She's forever my favorite in that upper s weight class but I'd loooove to see her finally push past I grabbed it from Volafile but I'm pretty sure it's just a preview if its 20 seconds. I wonder what's holding her back? I mean there's lol myriad of reasons I know but just wondering. She's vacillated between and for a while.

    Takes a lot of eating just to maintain that size. I bet she'll break through eventually, and it'll coincide with some minor hormone shift. Can anyone re-up? Does anyone have "Stuck in a Tub Here is that video somebody has asked for. The Link will work for a week. Give it a try. Would you mind troubleshooting? A recent video from her Only fans where she walks around in a bikini. Does anyone know if her is OF good? Are there any long vidoes on there or just 1 or 2 minute ones?

    Most are mins. Adelines is much better and worth your money. Long videos most of the stuff that's posted to her manyvids is there.

    /soc/ - Loner Dating Thread - Cams & Meetups - 4chan

    Lots of older content you can't find anywhere else. She's stepped up her game from her old site and the OF content is a cut above. She also posts consistently, and does longer videos from time to time that are great. Adeline's OF is also great, not that it needs to be a comparison.

    /r9k/ - finally found a cute egirl who worships my fat bod - ROBOT - 4chan

    But for my money, I just think Roxxie is way hotter. She ain't gone, i seen her just the other day. Reups away, anyone have her latest content? I would love to see this woman give a blowjob. Anybody know if she has ever sucked anything on camera? Said she never would either. She said a long time ago that she would never do hardcore. Why do they look at an attractive woman and insist that she frames a penis for them to jack to?

    Is there a shortage of gay porn?

    Oct 04,  · Loner Dating Thread Anonymous (ID: rgYfkTzV) 09/06/21(Mon) No. Looking to date a fellow loner? Then this thread is for you since it's better to be a loner with somebody than with literally nobody. Sep 28,  · finally found a cute egirl who worships my fat body and convinces me to eat more. gymcels stay losin - "/r9k/ - ROBOT" is a board . Oct 16,  · I have taken a lot of guy friend tests. My situation never showed up in the answers, so I made this quiz. I'm trying to remain somewhat general so everyone can participate:) If I somehow left your situation out of the answers, I'm truly sorry - it's frustrating when a .

    Plus the dialogue is super hot. Does anyone have the newest video from her Onlyfans? This is the video. I'm surprised nobody's got any of her most recent stuff, her Onlyfans was getting posted lol crazy back in December lol January. Does anyone have a rip of her former site? If it's content is not up for sale it can't be DMCA'd. Anyone got vids from a while ago where she tries on tight clothes or tight jeans??

    Thanks homie! Looks maybe like she let some burps go. How is her of? Is it worth the money or are there only short clips with option to get full clips by egirl paying method? If anyone is interested, someone is uploading a bunch of her videos on Vola, new and dating. I wish she'd do a weigh in. Last we've seen was that one site years ago at like and she looks noticeably larger.

    I wish she'd do another weigh in. Hasn't done one since like at and she looks noticeably larger since then. She hit a high of something a year or two ago, and has fluctuated between and since. It takes a TON of calories just to maintain at that weight. This highs area is obviously dating plateau. Hopefully egirl be able to break through it, but she's certainly not deflating site way we've seen other models do.

    IMO she's aged better than any other model who's been on the scene long term. Her long term competitors are Boberry, who is deflating like a leaky balloon, Jackie, who has gotten massive but is starting to look a little rough, and Plump Princess, who was never really a gainer. Meanwhile Roxxie is exploring new vistas of bimbohood and looks better and somehow younger than ever.

    Although maybe she just seems older since I know she has kids, idk. File: himiko2. File: 2kng7b. File: bdaaff8-e File: KawaiiGun. File: confused spurdo. File: flower pepe emote.

    Watch BigTittyGothEgg Dick Size on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Big Tits sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving bigtittygothegg XXX movies you'll find them here. Jul 23,  · >> I'm really not surprised that someone like Nyanners jumped on the Vtuber hype train. Since Hololive became more popular in the West, the Vtuber community just became more and more degenerate and cringy. The more popular English independent Vtubers have been lewding themselves to get more money/attention because no one would give a shit . Oct 16,  · I have taken a lot of guy friend tests. My situation never showed up in the answers, so I made this quiz. I'm trying to remain somewhat general so everyone can participate:) If I somehow left your situation out of the answers, I'm truly sorry - it's frustrating when a .

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