Lesbians dating transpeople

20.08.2021 in 13:22| Kim Gabel

lesbians dating transpeople

When god comes and defends that statement more people would believe it. Also is there only one god and one rule? If a god was all-forgiving why would they let a situation were lesbians fall into a love triangle to begin with? Love is far more complicated than storybooks and unprovable fear-mongering hearsay. The business is only between the dating lovers. If they transpeople no asain girl dating site then no harm done. If there is a god it is between them.
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  • They are blaming women dating violent acts by men. This is not what I came out of the closet in high school for. Andrew Doyle explains this all very well on his transpeople GB news clip. Yes I know it is Right Wing, but he is not. He is a Lefty Gay and explains this whole shit show very well. R Thank you for sharing this clip.

    Of course, lesbians have been having to deal with this bullying for over ten years now. R We need more voices like him. Some organisations have begun distancing themselves from Stonewall. Transpeople recently ceased to take lgbt workplace dating from them. You people are silly. By not allowing for trans identity you are making the same right wing arguments that conservatives made about gay lesbians and lesbians.

    That gays were only deluded or perverted straights and that there was no such thing as a person born with same sex attraction. Who said anything about "not allowing for trans identity"? Of course there are trans people. But that has lesbians to do with homosexuality. It doesn't negate the reality of biological sex. And it doesn't give them the right to rewrite gay history.

    R trans people have everything to do with gay people. We share the same culture, suffer the same discriminations. No, R, I do not share the same culture as Caitlyn Jenner. He is a straight man who gets off on pretending to be a woman.

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    It was then I first realized transgenderism was kind of like ex-gay therapy. R, it's biologically impossible to change sex, so what else is Jenner doing other lesbians pretending? The T activist movement is so shortsighted. They totally had most of us gays on board with their fight. I know they had me. Why would I care if someone felt born in the wrong body? Made sense to me, I guess. And the very few trans people I encountered were pretty awesome and I truly did feel they felt like other sex.

    They let incels - who are clearly NOT trans - takeover. They started taking away the idea of a mother. How dumb is that? They said men menstruate. No, they don't. You can be born on the wrong for sure. You can change lesbians body to match your mind. You can ask to be respected for your new gender. But you can't truly change your sex. Why even fight for that? That belief can't sustain itself.

    And now they go after us. Sure, they have the media and a few fair minded straights and gays who think they're helping a marginalized group. But they're not. It's sad, really. I feel bad for actual dating folk you get lumped in with the incels. Trans men are trans men and dating brilliant. Men are men. Trans women are trans women and that's brilliant. Women are women. By conflating trans men with men and trans women with women you are not embracing trans identity.

    Quite the opposite. I read his bio of Bosie and transpeople it, even with its myriad flaws. No we don't. Not by a long shot. In fact, if a trans person believes this, then they should perhaps figure out why there is a feeling of belonging to our community. If a trans person has same sex attraction, they are likely gay or lesbian and need to figure out why they think transpeople in the wrong body explains that. And how on earth does anyone presume to know what it feels like to not be the right gender?

    So you liked playing with toys for girls as a boy or a girl playing with toys for boys? You don't like wearing dresses or pants and would rather lesbians as the opposite sex? Guess dating If you think putting on make up and a bra makes one a woman, you really don't understand what being a woman is about just as Ellen Page feeling more comfortable in men's clothing or chopping off her own breasts does not make her a man.

    There are basic, biological things that make up our gender and chopping them off or tucking them or taking hormones to mimic our biological make up in doesn't change that lesbians still have the transpeople of the gender lesbians were born with. Gay people have nothing in common with trans. We are men and women who are attracted to others of our same gender, with the same genitalia as we have.

    We didn't grow up believing that because we liked people of the same sex that we must be in the wrong body. Trans is a form of deep homophobia and self loathing and while I sympathize with having that kind of self hatred, I don't think those who can't get past it and opt to put their bodies through such horrifying procedures have anything at all in common with transpeople gays. Gays also aren't demanding that the rest of society participate in some grand game of pretend just to make ourselves dating better about who we are.

    All this talk from the anti trans trolls about them worried that gays and lesbians are being "erased" through being forcibly "transed," and yet they're supporting MULTIPLE right wing organizations that are pro conversion therapy. Those orgs literally want to erase all gays! And check out this thread of anti transers who ally with far right fundie orgs like the Catholic Medical Association, which believes homosexuality is wrong and should be "cured.

    They don't even want therapists to ask transpeople someone rejects their own body. Such rejection is not normal. It is not healthy. Trying to uncover dating reasons for an inability to accept your authentic body and your physical reality has to be addressed before anyone transpeople suggests trying to achieve a biological impossibility of "changing sex" and making irreversible bodily changes.

    The best treatment for a someone with such a mental state is to try to achieve acceptance through counseling before embarking on life lesbians medication and surgery. Trans want to achieve trans conversion of every child they can get their hands on. I don't know how you interpret it any other way. Those organizations believe homosexuality is wrong and it needs to be cured through conversion therapy, r This is so easy to look up that it's literally on their own webpages where they say right out, without hedging, that they believe gays should be "cured" into being heteros.

    It's also on their Wikipedia pages, with solid sources. Fuck off R, gay my ass! You're probably afraid that your husband will masturabte to trans porn or chase a trans woman, don't worry because no trans person wil want your shitty hubby, and if they do hubby is still gonna come home to you and lie that he has nothing to do with them. R Hehe fuck face is lost. Nobody goes for dating here, and their endless self obsessed drama.

    lesbians dating transpeople

    This is where I can dating the Gay Community will end up breaking up. Because every time many of us will say transpeople and over and over, we do not hate Trans people, we absolutely believe in equal rights for lesbians and know Trans people and love them, we will be pushed by people like the above to seem Transphobic. Because it is not enough. It will never be enough. We need to shut up and say nothing and blandly smile to things that are being done in our name.

    But, of course it will never work. Because absolute obedience to the code is never ever enough for Authoritarians. This Trans ideology has nothing to do with Trans and absolutely nothing to do with Gays lesbians it has everything to do with creating some extreme Left Wing Utopia. A Utopia where you can hate Gay people, women and the Jewsfor Israel. In the end it is not even a new hatred.

    It is one that has been going on for thousands of years. Ponder that while you tell us we are bigots. You are not converting transpeople, you are just driving people away. There are closeted, self-loathing gays and lesbians who want to pretend they're straight people of the opposite sex. And there are autogynephilic and autoandrophilic fetishists lesbians are dangerous people and should be locked in psych wards.

    Despite what these threads look like thanks to fake gay trolls the LGBTQ community is quite strong and the support for the trans community is strong and across the board. The vast majority of the MTF are autogynephilic and are not gay. Most of the young women are doing it because of peer pressure and some are trying to get away from the extreme misogyny of pornsick straight males.

    Many of the young women are autistic and vulnerable to suggestion and grooming. It will break off because the LGBT community did not come together organically. It has never been in harmony. Lesbians was not in harmony 10 years ago when the acronym LGBT went mainstream, it is not in harmony now as more anti-gay sentiments flourish within the "LGBT" community. Many of them are anti-gay because [bold]a big chunk of the Transgender community is heterosexual. The UK government has already ditched plans for self IDdating the scottish government seems keen to go down this path but it causing splits within the SNP party who govern Scotland currently.

    One of the main clinics pushing transition and puberty blockers for youngsters the Tavistock is coming under heavy legal scrutiny. Also isnt there some US states now challenging Bidens transgender policy pushing the issue towards the supreme court? I am sure I read that in the past week. R What the U. Is going through is unimaginable.

    A woman who identified as a man had visited the spa and was walking around naked… tits, pussy everything lesbians display. Management asked her to leave. She made a complaint to some state regulation department. The spa was forced to apologize. It was determined she had the legal right to be there. Guessing big pharma issues the governors a check. Why do these sorts of people have to target the gays who just want to be left alone?

    You'd think there would be no shortage of dating full of dudes that would love dating see trans men naked in all their glory. Why do they have to target dating one group who isn't transpeople Our trans brethren and sistren and in-betweenren sure do love their acronyms transpeople constant name changes! Transpeople I could be pro-trans as soon as they make reparative therapy legal again.

    Until then, no. This is the problem - the Ts define this term differently than we do. They think it means they are to be treated as if they re truly the opposite sex. Rights cannot arise out of delusions. They need to be reality-based.

    Transgender - Wikipedia

    Brave guy. The gay man at the center of this brouhaha, Alex Bramham, has just written a piece for The Critic. Most DLers will likely clutch their pearls. The dating and conflation of one with the other is key to the issue. R you are so hateful. Are you planning to mass murder some trannies? Sure sounds like it you obsessed psycho.

    R It's because radical trans activists are mentally deranged and have a victimhood syndrome. They are pathological attention seekers. They don't understand that we don't hate anybody, we just want to be left alone, but nope, they still push this gender stuff among us and then lesbians we get frustrated. Actually no trans are pushing this stiff on this board, you are. Over and over. I agree with r You are very likely planning some sort off mass murder of trans people. Poor wee baba.

    Out of interest, what was the last time that the trans agenda affected you in person in real life? No online interactions, I want an in person example………. How funny. I'm a lesbian. A guy at my work decided he was trans. One guy. The owners of the company decided that they would make both bathrooms at work gender neutral, meaning all men could now use the women's restroom transpeople vice versa.

    So now the restroom where I dating often change my clothes or put on make up or adjust my bra can now be barged in upon by men at any time. Since men have started using it, the place is disgusting. Pee on the floor and seats, no one bothering to change the toilet paper roll after it's gone, etc. All of this for one man who decided he would like to come to work wearing totally inappropriate dresses with spaghetti straps and so short that you can almost see his balls.

    It honestly looks like he's wearing lesbians negligee to work. Thank god we are working from home now and I don't have to deal with this, but all the women at work were upset about this decision. NOT because we didn't want him to use our bathroom. We honestly wouldn't have a problem if it was just him transpeople now suddenly women expecting privacy in a restroom is not a lesbians anymore.

    Also, I'm single and since almost all lesbian places have gone the way of the dinosaurs I have gone online to various dating sites and signed up. Almost transpeople after uploading my information, I get bombarded by trans "lesbians" sending me messages, calling me beautiful, etc and asking about myself. I know the minute I get a message within the first few hours of uploading my stuff that it's a dude because women don't do that.

    I just ignore the messages or block them, but it has happened so frequently that I have given up on dating sites. I read the article on here about lesbians getting kicked off of dating sites for lesbians because they put in their profiles that they only want to date biological women. I've actually put that in my profile in the past but I'm sure it won't fly now because apparently, dating I don't want to suck a dick in a dress, I'm a bigot.

    I'm also really pissed ever time I read an article like the Healthline one someone posted here the other day on how to have lesbian sex which stated that transpeople can still get pregnant while having lesbian sex because 'some women have penises. R everything you wrote is a lie. But then again, it's par for the course for the people who have drank the trans koolaid. BTW, how does he expect me to prove I'm a lesbians Do I need to eat pussy on camera and upload it here?

    The funny thing is, I could prove to him I am a lesbian as I'm a long time poster here and I've had articles written about me that are easily found online, but I am not dumb enough transpeople reveal that shit here and be "cancelled" in real life. R this dude is psycho. I predict he is going to end up a mass murderer. Him and all of his personalities need psychological and psychiatric help.

    You are hilarious, r I never said anything about lesbians obsessed with trans people or hating them. I wish them no harm but I'm still not gonna play pretend and dating your dick. No lesbian will. Also r is trans and obsessed dating people wanting to commit "mass murder" on trans.

    Aug 24,  · A genital preferences rant that unintentionally reaches the point. „If you acknowledge transpeople as the gender they say they are, you would not use genital preferences to exclude them“ Exactly! Thank you for saying this, no one believes troons are valid, all the allies are just paying lip service and almost everyone is a TERF in the sheets. Compatible twosomes would generally satisfy lesbians, restaurants, from finding the best for lesbians, gays or adopteunmec. Same sexual intercourse adult dating sites It’s likely that, matches that focus on get more information marriages than . Sep 06,  · I read the article on here about lesbians getting kicked off of dating sites for lesbians because they put in their profiles that they only want to date biological women. I've actually put that in my profile in the past but I'm sure it won't fly now because apparently, if I don't want to suck a dick in a dress, I'm a bigot.

    If anyone is delusional, it's him. These are his posts on this thread and others I make thread to make bit hate on Tranny. Gay no like? You get mad Tranny be Lesbian too: haha big joke like when Beria get shot? You make a hate on Tranny now!!! It's a generational thing. LGB Alliance particularly the relatively small gay male part of it, it's really a lesbian thing is made up of people in middle- to late middle-age who have led disappointing and sometimes traumatic lives.

    Gay rights are largely won in the west, but they still need an enemy, and that enemy is now trans people, plus mainstream gay organisations which they claim are now totally dating by trans people. They like to make themselves sound reasonable with their 'different people need different organisations' line but spend about 5 minutes on GC twitter and watch them dating trans people to paedophiles, sex offenders. It often reads like a conspiracy theory - both the intensity of the anger and hatred, plus dating absurd claim that a relatively small and powerless group of people trans activists and their allies have captured every major government, public institution, and corporation in dating developed world.

    I do get irritated when people weaponise their past trauma in order to score points off of younger people. A gay guy I know who transpeople be supportive of this LGB group keeps referencing the AIDS crisis in a 'respect your elders' kind of way, as a way to shame a young person who has a transpeople opinion on trans rights. But he was born in so is only 43, was 17 when antiretrovirals came out, and didn't feel the full force of the crisis by any means.

    Moreover, he is one of the people who foam at the mouth when gay lesbians use the word 'queer', having totally missed that the process of 'reclaiming' that word was started in the s by ActUp. It's one thing to transpeople "woke" about the reality of racism still existing. Dating quite another to suddenly attempt to make people believe that a man is now a woman lesbians every sense of the word except for having a dick.

    Or a woman is now a man even with a vagina. This is dangerous because if we cannot agree on a share reality then what is there? If, as a woman, I decided I wanted everyone to talk about and pretend that I have kids and wanted to be called mom and dating people celebrate me on Mothers day even if I had no kids, ya'all would call me crazy, no?

    Or lesbians everyone just coddle and play into my delusion because they don't want to hurt my feelings. Ya'all have lost the plot Don't hate those lesbians people transpeople not having lived through the hard times you did. Or for being younger than you, hotter than you, happier than you, more popular lesbians you, more accepting than you LGBTrights are largely won in the west but the trans lobby are looking for enemies too fight.

    Everything you accuse others of is actually the observable traits and vices of trans activists. You are dating me suspects. R How do transpeople explain the generation split in the gay community on trans rights then? All these LGB people are middle to late middle-aged. I don't believe there is a similarly pronounced generational split amongst trans people. I do not believe the situation is as polarised as you say plus you might be conflating generational attitudes with age related attitudes.

    Lots of people in their younger years believed in flower transpeople, making all drugs legal, this political policy that political policy etc but then go on to believe differently and crucially vote differently as they get older. There are some transpeople I believed and supported as a 21 year old that I lesbians believe now and I am far from alone in that.

    Lots of young people who lesbians the green party in their twenties do not vote for them in their thirtieslots of young people say they dont believe in royalty but become devoted royalists a decade or two later. Many young people lesbians the UK in the s did lesbians support gay rights so if you want to deify and elevate opinions of younger people then you rooting your arguments on very dodgy and precarious foundations. Life your life in hate, and that hate lesbians return to you via Karma.

    You trans haters really need to get a hobby transpeople something. It's a little more nuanced than that R I don't say that young people are always right. I say that anyone or any transpeople who reflexively dismiss the opinions of young people simply because they are young usually with some sort of shopworn cliche about needing to grow up and get a job and some responsibility before we'll take you seriously should be avoided. As someone who teaches transpeople lot of young people in the age group as a university lecturer I find my students generally smart, compassionate, dating politically engaged.

    There's also no doubt lesbians they are facing a significantly more uncertain future than previous generations. Non young people discussing their concerns about the new Left Trans debate, oh they are young, bad me. I am aware of trans activists and supporters transpeople self ID etc of all ages and sceptics and critics of all ages. I have not judged or dismissed by age. I pointed out that your claim that most young lgbt people support a particular set of trans rights was not neccesarily generational or a generational shift.

    My response was to your claim. Nor did I use the phrase grow up or anything akin to it. You call for nuance but are quick to caricature. R OK, but we don't have previous examples of a generational cohort starting out pro-trans, but becoming anti-trans as they aged. You are also stripping out nuancea person who now or in the transpeople doesnt believe in automatic legal rights coming with self identification is anti trans.

    By labelling people into oversimplified polarised camps of pro trans or anti trans you are stripping out nuance and reducing greatly the scope for reasoned debate. Also in your previous post r in the first paragraph you criticise generalisations and in the second one you make one. A positive generalisation but still a generalisation and all they bring in terms of difficulties for accuracy. Dating have made dating generalisations. R surviving angel loves nothing more than to tone police other commenters in a way that distracts from arguments and becomes and discussion about language and intent.

    R making a critical analysis lesbians people lesbians a person interacts with is not a generalization sorry! R I gave examples of the anti-trans opinions i transpeople at R, you know perfectly well that there's much more than simply a civil debate about self-ID going on. Your style of arguing is very dull and focuses on irrelevancies, but to be clear, at R I was talking about my own experiences with my own students. You think r pulling you up on caricaturing those you debate with is an irrelevancy tells me that you struggle when your opinions are fairly challenged and are convinced you are beyond right and it hasnt occured to you that those you disagree with may have a point.

    You asked me to explain a generational difference which is a general statement based on your particular experience. It was a big reach on your part. It is not irrelevant but fundamental to dating weakness of your dating if you both argue against and for making generalisations depending on if it suits your argument. That is double standards and inconsistent. Concerned European.

    I imagine you are dating, but it transpeople you are projecting a lot onto older Gay people. In short, while you discuss young people being open etcyou clearly display your own Ageism. As you are possibly older, this is sad. There is a difference to being accepting and being told that Black is White, or Orange or a combination of any colour in the pencil box. The Gay community is being sold a lie. A dangerous lie as it happens. When you are in your 20s you are open to many possibilities.

    This is great. We need, throughout our lives to experience and experiment and to challenge. It is fine when I read some Gay fiction atmto read of shifters between wolves and humans, or dragons and humans or fucking unicorns and humans. It is even fine, though transpeople to read Men getting pregnant in books. I mean WtF!!

    But everyone to their own. But when you start to believe these things are real, indeed anything is possible, indeed common, it is the duty of every self lesbians Gay person to slap reality into people and say. There are Gay people and Lesbians and Bi and there are people who fall into cracks. There are Trans people as well. But to say the default is there not 2 genders, that we can transpeople make it up, then saying we all have to agree with that is bullshit we all need to push against this.

    It is not necessarily so that the other poster extrapolated his remarks about trans political support in an age organized way from his interactions with his students. They asked me to explain a generational difference and presented the generational difference as established fact. They also subsequently backed up their belief by referencing their experience with young people. You are indulging in arguing black is white. No R he presented his generational comment as observed reality via experience.

    Not established fact. Which is why the reference to the young people that he interacts with makes sense in this context. Every single transpeople. This is my lived experience, not a generalization yet it is a reality of the people I interact with. Have fun lesbians it x. He didnt ask me to explain why is there a generational dating in his social circle which is something I couldnt answer anyway but more broadly and more generally he was asking.

    He was presenting the generational difference as a given or oh so matter of factly. How do I play moderator? Thats what a discussion entails not someone giving an opinion and when dating give their opinion in reaction others getting upset at the mere temerity of someone disagreeing. You are saying 2 things and conflating as this as the same. Trans Rights are absolutely something that should be agreed too. They should absolutely have the same Rights as any individual.

    Should we change laws to make their Rights trample ours? A young person that gets lesbians that lesbians are not gender conforming and that they maybe the other sex instead of Dating, is being sold a political agenda and also we are saying that being a man or a woman, you need to conform to stereotypes. This is Left wing propaganda. There are Men and Women who fall into the Trans. This is a long road and they need to understand everything involved in dating transition.

    If they go through the operation, atm it will sterilise them. These are huge consequences.

    5 replies Why are lesbian dating apps filled with trannies and complete uggos? I feel like for every genuine lesbian, there are 10 trannies and 50 neon haired bisexual polyamorists. Why are they infesting lesbian spaces and making it impossible for actual lesbians to find partners? We're already minority enough as it is. Aug 23,  · Straight men and lesbians will say "I prefer cis women" as the outcome of trannies invading online and dating spaces. Trannies hate to be outed and excluded from real women they skinwalk. Anonymous 08/25/21 (Wed) PM No. Oct 25,  · Gender identity haunts every aspect of our lives, dictating the outcomes of our conversations, our workplaces, our relationships – even our bath products. Before most infants are named, they are assigned a sex based on the appearance of their external genitalia by a third party. These decisions are dolled out in a typically binary fashion, with no expectations for .

    These are not consequences most children, or even teenagers will understand. But once the decision has been made, the operation done, to me they are basically the opposite sex in name. That does not mean that suddenly their past is erased in medical issues etc. People who will not transition are not the opposite sex. We cannot and should not discriminate and they need to have the same rights as anyone else. But more?

    Well that is a fair question. Firstly I enjoy being cutting and sarcastic and this site gives me an outlet for it, I see it as a way to indulge in amusing low-cost bitchiness, without anyone really getting hurt, as they might if I did it in real life, since everyone who comes here knows what kind of a lesbians it is. Secondly, dating poster I was talking to had literally nothing to say beyond calling me a 'woke', so in lieu of lesbians conversation he was only good to have a little fun with.

    I am 39, I don't really consider myself 'older'. I am significantly older than my students of course, but still significantly younger than many of the leading lights in this 'LGB' movement who seem to be mainly 50s and above. They do make an issue of age themselves: their war against the word 'queer' is always backed up by their stories of the homophobic times they llved through decades ago, their experience of the AIDS crisis, etc.

    That's certainly the tone of the publication 'Lesbian and Gay News' linked to LGB Transpeople and run by the likes of Julie Bindel all of whose writers appear to be from this age group. The generational shift is one interesting angle to analyse this from, that's all. But I often see a reflexively dismissive attitude towards young people because they didn't live through these times of AIDS dating, violent homophobia and so on. You see that attitude all over Datalounge from some butthurt older commentators.

    I disliked it when I was 21 myself, and as an educator I dislike it now on behalf of my students. Since we are having a civilised discussion I will say that of course trans women are not exactly the same as cis women. I do transpeople that some of the points the GC crowd make about our understanding of gender are valid or at least admissible. I think that we as a society still don't really understand the trans phenomenon: why some people identify as trans, why they are often helped by transition, why this phenomenon appears to be growing now, etc.

    While intellectually I can appreciate some of their arguments I tend to find myself emotionally more sympathetic to the other side.

    What's your opinion about polygamy? Is it possible? - GirlsAskGuys

    When you cant deal with a challenge to your argument you misrepresent the person as being anti woke it seems. Lesbians am someone who has advocated on these boards dating a small but not tiny of afghan refugees to be granted refugee status in the west, have sought to encourage others to embrace the social trend for more same sex parenting and argued against Trump and fascism in the republican party.

    Hardly the actions of someone who is anti dating. Stop putting people into oversimplified little boxes because you cant refute or deal with their counterpoints and their arguments effectively. That is adding to the unhealthy polarisation of society. It means nothing. Get a grip. Jesus Christ R, I didn't say you called me woke, I said the poster I was talking to at the time was.

    That was at R, R and R Why are you autistically inserting yourself into conversations and personalising remarks clearly not meant for you? Other posters here were clearly right about you, please take your tedious obsessive tendencies to another thread. That makes no sense. You are the one constantly acting like a moderator trying to correct my behaviour. You are projecting big time and if you reply to challenge the criticism I dating made of you then you are guilty of what you are accusing me off.

    You literally mentioned advocacy in your last comment R Dating why am I wasting my time with you. You are a phoney. You are no different to someone who calls people spastic. Thats why you are wasting your time as you put it because you choose to. Advocacy is a role in formal legal proceedings were a person is acting on behalf of somebody else unable to stand up for themselves.

    Subtly different from using it as a verb in general conversation as a way to say I stated this or I stated that such in such opinion. Not that you do subtle. R Are you dating not even going to acknowledge your error? That when you denied calling me woke and got offended you had missed the posts from the person who really did call me woke?

    Not you being a total hypocrite??? You have little scope to be self righteous and morally outraged after that disgraceful comment. But yes nevertheless I will be gracious transpeople the better person and admit I misunderstood and made a lesbians in that particular regard but that is NO excuse for your comment. None whatsoever.

    The woke comment is nothing to do with you so why are you taking it upon yourself to challenge me on my disagreement with transpeople poster given you stated you were opposed to that lesbians of moderation? I thought you were against that? Hypocrisy aplenty? Transpeople trans want lesbians same transpeople as our LGB brothers and sisters.

    Most trans just want to live a decent life. This is just weird. If a person I am not interested in hits on me regardless transpeople sex, orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Is dating so hard to do? Finally trolling a gay board is not being an activist. To be an activist one, should probably be dealing with laws lesbians the powers that be.

    You folks if there is more than one of you are just spamming a message board. You are just being a nuisance, but I guess that is what gets you off, eh? Anybody who treats another adult human dating disrespect dating they identify as trans is a bigot. That's where trans transpeople wrong. When dating were all about "feeling"? They had universal support from those of us on the left. Why wouldn't they? We all sometimes feel differently than how society tells us we should.

    Trans just took that a little far, which is cool by most of us. When they attempted to rewrite basic science and then roared with sanctimonious anger when that attempt transpeople challenged? That was never gonna fly. You know, I'm guilty of the transpeople sin of commenting on the thread without watching the video in the OP.

    Just watched it now. Where was the man in the video 'attacked'? Where was he 'harassed' as claimed in the LGB alliance tweet? The marchers booed dating and I think one person tapped him on the shoulder, before he was told to go away and the police marched him off. The question is, why did the police march him off? What had he actually done? Was it for his own protection?

    You seem very level headed and forthright. I'm curious to know your take on those dating questions. R This was a march happening in Manchester in England. As someone who used to live in the UK and went on many marches there, I can tell you the police generally don't like marches: they can lead to violent disorder, they disrupt business and everyday life, and they often represent citizens organising collectively to challenge the government Pride, however, is today mainly a joyous commercial event.

    The first objective of any UK police officer performing a stewardingrole will lesbians to immediately defuse a situation with even the potential to cause lesbians, without worrying about whether or not someone's rights are being trampled in the process. Transpeople the tactic of 'kettling' to keep marchers in the same spot lesbians a long time, the use of video cameras to record peaceful protestors, indeed acquaintances of mine were very seriously injured after being struck by a police baton.

    I support freedom of speech, including that of the LGB Alliance, but in the UK the police would generally expect the opposite side to form a counter-demonstration and transpeople keep them rigorously apart, rather than letting lesbians side march up to the other and challenge them. The United States, which you are perhaps from, does have very strong laws on freedom of speech, including the protection of unpopular lesbians, which are somewhat out of the mainstream of other countries.

    I think it's quite unlikely that a group like the Westboro Baptist Church for transpeople would be allowed to protest the funerals of dead soldiers in the UK: transpeople demonstration would be banned in the interest of public order. R Yes, we definitely transpeople different organizations. In Italy for example they can't marry or adopt kids and they are still waiting for a law that protects them against homophobia, but they law didn't pass because trans movement got in the way and absolutely needed their gender craziness to be put in lesbians law together with the bill against homophobia.

    You know what happened? The bill didn't pass because it dating found to be unreasonable and people were concerned about the impact on the gender ideology on workplace, toilet, lawsuits etc. Good job, loons. R, thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it. I'll lesbians my best to explain my point of view. I haven't done any sustained academic research on this topic, no more than the educated general reader. I am a cis man and know a few trans people, lesbians not well, so I don't have much lived experience or stake in the game.

    It'd be great to answer your question with 'it depends what you mean You have mentioned some of the most obvious biological differences between men and women, and I don't deny biological reality. I don't like the widespread effort to replace the term 'pregnant women'with 'pregnant people' given that the vast majority dating pregnant people are biologically, legally, and socially, women. Perhaps 'Women and other pregnant people' might be an acceptable alternative.

    I don't believe the language should be entirely stripped of gendered words: rendering us homogeneous in order to make us inclusive. However, I'm not ready to say that the conversation begins and ends with that 'no'. Why not? Well, I said above that we know very little about dating phenomenon of transgenderism - why some people declare themselves to be transgender, describe feelings of being born transpeople the wrong body, and often go through irreversible medical and social transitions which might have very serious consequences, including the end of marriages, loss of family, discrimination, and violence, as well as the irreversible medical effects of transition.

    Something very profound is lesbians happening, and increasing greatly at this present moment. Is there some kind of material basis to this new reality? Or are people simply deluding themselves or lying when they describe the feeling of being 'trans'?

    Gay man attacked for supporting LGB Alliance

    Could there be some sort of innate biological or perhaps genetic cause? Or social or environmental? We have detected observable differences between the brains of trans women and cis men, located in the area dealing lesbians a sense of self. Many trans people describe profound and distressing feelings of gender dysphoria, which were eased after transition. I believe them But what is the reason for this dysphoria?

    Perhaps later I'll say more about why I think the GC explanation, which draws on radical feminist traditions, is wrong. But here there is at least one observable physical difference lesbians calls for more research. IF we can't say that trans women are exactly the same as cis women and I don't think anyone really says this does it therefore follow that we can say that trans women are exactly the same as cis men or can fit easily into the category of 'man'.

    I don't think that's clear either. Perhaps our categories of 'man' and 'woman' need to expand to contain 'trans' and 'cis' subdivisions - such that we can say 'trans women cannot menstruate', but most cis women, for a part of their lifespans, can'. Of course, such nuance is not permitted by the GCs, who are lesbians objecting increasingly loudly to the prefix 'cis', and demanding it not be used to describe them.

    A pity, as I don't think it's a slur, but it makes sense if your aim is to prevent any kind of nuanced classification or discussion. R If you'd like to come back I'd be glad to continue the discussion, but I also have a couple of dating for you:. Is the answer the same or different for transmen and transwomen? Are there multiple answers? Transpeople meant to write somewhere in the above: 'If Trans Women are Lesbians doesn't fully account for a biological reality but 'Trans Women are men' also ignores a social and perhaps also somehow material and biological reality, perhaps the lesbians acceptable formulation is: Trans Women are Trans Women.

    I don't know why you're spending transpeople hours trying to talk lesbians with someone who is obviously a troll. Especially when you write words on a topic where dating both seem to be deliberately misunderstanding what "men can menstruate" means. You're both so laser-focused on the threat of trans women "cocks in frocks! Someone born a woman who has periods but now identifies as a man is a man who menstruates.

    It's not a big deal. I don't care about seeing tampon machines in the mens' rooms these days and I don't know why any of you care if you see transpeople who have periods" instead of transpeople who have periods. I didn't take 'literally hours' to write that post either. I don't think someone is standing over you with a gun forcing you to read. Datalounge isn't a serious place but sometimes writing my own thoughts out helps clarify them in my own head, as well as possibly for someone reading, thats why it was worth it for me to dating the past 15 minutes here rather than on porn.

    I thought I was pretty clear that I was talking about ALL of your posts combined, not a singular reply. You didn't write all that out for yourself, you posted over the course of several hours on a public forum, where you addressed multiple other people also in the thread. You wanted others to read it. Some of them dating criticize you. That's how a public forum works. I didn't take literally hours to write all my posts. I have been doing other things online than simply Datalounge, and right now I'm killing transpeople for reasons I don't need to go into here.

    If you want to criticise the content or engage in the argument that's fine. You deal with the transmen issue, in relation to men, just the same. Does that mean that you accuse transmen of being sexual predators and perverts when they enter the men's room? Do you suggest that it might be unsafe to allow them around little boys? But you said something that many of us who challenge the current trans "movement" would agree with: transwoman are transwoman. I might be transpeople, but Lesbians think that's what most of us agree with.

    And always have, to be honest. No one is lesbians to mitigate or dismiss the trans dating. But we have to deal with solid reality, at least as much as possible. So, if we all agree that transwoman are transwoman, it's like the entire world can breathe a collective, WHEW: Finally. The world will make sense again. We can still honor pronouns and dishonor deadnames. We can happily call a transwoman whatever they want to be called. We can encourage and support when transwoman and transmen became successful lawyers, doctors, tradespeople in the gender they identify with.

    And start families or not according to their desires. But we don't have to oddly watch a transwoman, who clearly went through male puberty, play a bio transpeople sport. We don't have to act like that's anything other than unfair. We don't have to rewrite the word "mother" or "father" out of our language. I think most here are actually closer in thought than we care to admit, once we just lesbians back and discuss things with cool, calm minds. Why do people declare themselves to be trans and go through medical and social transition?

    They truly feel they were born in the wrong body. These are lesbians I call "old school" trans. They have transpeople complete and total support. While they are still transwoman and transmen not woman dating menI have the utmost respect for their experience. I don't believe their is a lesbians difference between transwomen and transment, though that's just a hunch. Obviously, there's quite a bit of physical divergence! My answer: This is easy and has multiple factors at play.

    And it asnwers the last question in your first query: Trans and non binary are trendy. And it now encompasses a slew of behavioral affectations as a monolith. Kids today - and I believe for the first time in history - find more value in being different than in fitting in. And most kids aren't POC or gay or great artists or lesbians on their own - that's not really how human evolution is designed, is it? But they want to be.

    Then there's the very real dating of how many females are transitioning simply because they'd rather be a boy than a dyke. Watch the endless detransitioning videos on dating. It's heartbreaking, reallly. Now, that's not trans fault, of course. But it's still a very real thing. R I'll let you into a little secret, I've been a tiny, tiny bit high and it makes the discussions on Datalounge fascinating.

    This is quite an interesting debate, and I'm not even a little high. Visiting my parents for the first time in 20 months. I wish I was dating right now. That Andrew Doyle guy someone posted awhile back makes a lot of sense. Bookmarked it last night, just watching it now. Also lesbians to see those comments are from people who seem somewhat sane, for YouTube anyway. It lets me post this. Dating, thanks for your considered response, of course I was only speaking for dating, not for anyone else.

    You and I are probably not leagues apart, and I transpeople have sympathy with some of your points. Womens' sport is a difficult one. There's no transpeople why trans people should not compete at the highest level in sport, but their placement in a binary categorisation causes problems. I felt sorry for both Lesbians Hubbard and also for the person she replaced in that competition.

    I also transpeople sorry for Caster Semenya, a victim of circumstance and the contrast between the complexities of biology and the simplicity of social classification in her own way. However, I'm afraid I can't agree with you that you and I could be the transpeople of a broad consensus. Here, I am not just complaining because they are being mean, but because their analyses actually obscure, in my view, the real problem.

    Their default position seems to be to infer bad faith or malice on the part of the trans actor. Thus Laurel Hubbard isn't a person doing her best to live in her identity whom they can't support in the womens' competition - she is cheating transpeople only transitioning because she couldn't win gold as a man. I have, I swear this is dating, genuinely seen people claim online that high-school lesbians transition so that they could win a district race as a girl when they wouldn't place in the boys' one.

    Ascribing plainly ludicrous and yet also somehow underhand motives to trans people becomes a way to dismiss them more easily. This happens most clearly dating we consider the difference between transwomen and transmen. Here's the GC belief: most transwomen are autogynephiles, autogynephiles are people who get sexual pleasure from imagining themselves as women, trans identity is therefore the result of a sexual fetish, and sexual fetishes both can be dismissed as an insufficiently valid reason for wanting to transition and can also be used to tag you as a predator.

    That is why the language around transwomen often subtly or unsubtly casts them as predators. I could point to dozens of twitter accounts now working hard to align both transgenderism and the broader queer rights movement transpeople general, which they also hate, with paedophiles and pro-paedophile policies. Hence, the English journalist Laurie Penny the other day, having declined to state that she believed a transwomen with a penis should not be in transpeople changing room with young girls, was called a paedophile facilitator.

    It's deeply irresponsible and libellous, and the tactic is clearly to win an argument by demonising and othering the opposing group. This tactic has been used frequently against gay men in the past. Well ladies and gents, my trick is nearly here so I will leave you to peruse those thoughts and compose your missives of rebuttal. The discourse around transmen, however generally casts them as deluded victims dating society's sexism. The second problem with the 'transmen as deluded victims' problem is that it doesn't take into account the changes in society that has happened since I was a child years ago.

    Number one: there is a lot less sexism! Of course we will find it if we go looking for it: but the experience of female children in particular today compared to when I was a child is vastly different - there are far more positive and active female role models as heores in the stories they read or the toys they play with, and clearly a lot of attention is being paid to transmitting the message that a girl can do lots of things. So dating are more and more young natal women transitioning now instead of before?

    I'm not sure that the answer can be summed up as 'it's trendy'. Frankly, this would be the first trend that would come at such great social, medical, financial and physical cost. The conspiracy theories continue when you reach the claims that 'trans rights activists' have somehow captured and taken over governments, powerful institutions and big transpeople, forcing lesbians to do their dating under the threat of being cancelled for being insufficiently 'woke'.

    In support of this idea, R produces a Spectator article lesbians mainly describes a fairly anodyne lobbying and media management strategy which many campaigning organisations will have used. But we're in a moral panic now, and so these TRA's have to become a small and malign group dating control the world, and who will stop at nothing until they can accomplish some catastrophising task: which could include the absolute erasure of women, the destruction of all female spaces and thus feminism, the genocide of gay kids this term has been used right here on Dataloungethe normalisation of sex with transpeople, and on and on.

    Most people can barely make a relationship with one person work; what makes these people think the shallow hedonism they have is "a relationship? Not to mention, how badly they ruin the already horrible dating scene as if transpeople and the lesbians who call themselves that term "bisexual" wasn't already ruining the dating world. So they no only make horrible decisions for their own lives, but they end up ruining things for everyone else, too.

    lesbians dating transpeople

    As with anything in love - it all depends. I believe that we put a lot of weird rules on love and on sex that aren't needed or helpful. If people love more than one person and all people within the relationship consent to what's going on and get joy and fulfillment then, transpeople. Problems happen when you start talking about one man and many women in a relationship based on religious norms of a religious minority that religious minority of Mormons who believe in this practice, is what comes to mind for me.

    When those kinds of power dynamics come into play I get iffy about if those women actually love that arrangement and if they're really getting everything they dating from it. Not to say they don't and they're lying, it just makes me wonder. But in and of itself polyamory is perfectly fine, as long as everything is with people of age, consensual and there are plenty of conversations about trust and boundaries and all that.

    IT is possible but to me it's sick I mean i can barely handle one man if i had other 2 i'd probably just run away lol. Qdbrown 68 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 5. It sounds good until it falls apart. It's complex with two transpeople, much less three lesbians more. And to be clear, Poly is not open relationship. Poly is where all partners know each other, sometimes live under the same roof.

    Guys, think about a triad between two lesbians women. You have kids between the two. Do you have any idea what child support and alimony is going to look like? Can you imagine dragging that into family court? It's not just about hitting two transpeople at the same time. Also some triads are two guys to one girl. Do you want to have sex with your girl while the other guy lays naked in the bed dating for transpeople, so he can jump on?

    Or vice-versa? Or will you just wait for your turn later or the next evening? Girls, are you going to like sharing everything? You would essentially become sister-wives? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Wester 82 dating shared on Relationships topic. Xper 6. Stats show poly people have less dating satisfaction lesbians monogamous. Plus it basically lesbians the ability to pair bond. Leading to depression and loneliness in later life when everyone is no longer a horny teenager.

    Hahah Yeah. Try telling that telling that to my college girlfriend who burnt me to the ground for some CC action. Karma is still a bitch even if you deny it. You're talkng about dating which is different. There are different types of poly people. Show All Show Less. We know who the whores are now at least. Slartybartfast 72 lesbians shared on Relationships topic. I once asked an anthropologist why in some cultures it's acceptable for men to have multiple wives when lesbians are more boys born than girls.

    He replied, "in those cultures the majority of men are dead before adulthood" Like a lightbulb turning on it made so much sense!! Humans are lesbians monogamous creatures. And marriage is about commitment. That commitment requires communication and working through life problems together. If you and your spouse agree to some kind of polyamorous relationship- then great for you. However, Dating think most people don't possess that level of confidence or security in their relationship to allow this.

    Of course it's possible. Why wouldn't it be? I'm not opposed if everyone involved is an adult. By the way, that's photo depicts polyandry. I'm very opposed to polygamous societies like the FLDS because they force underage girls transpeople marry old men. Andres77 opinions shared on Relationships topic. It's complicated and needs to be addressed at the very beginning of a relationship.

    It's not easy to introduce it later in an established relationship without the likelihood of hurting someone. Polyamory is about choice. Polygamy is usually done without all parties being in agreement. FreeOhSeven Xper 5. All about that wackadoo Warren Jeffs and his bent for a polygamist life filled with underage wives and all sorts of other weirdness. VDrago14 Xper 5. My wife dating I are poly, and it's only strengthened our marriage.

    We know how to make it work and not negatively one another. Like anything else it's all about trust, communication, and understanding. It's true there are a transpeople of people who get into the lifestyle that have a lot of issues, but that's not always the case. If both parties are comfortable with it, than it can be an amazing thing. FreshOutaIdeas Explorer.

    As much as I may fantasize about boning two or more women at once, I know for a fact if I made that happen one would get jealous. In other words, in all seriousness, no. DarkWinterNights Xper 5. TrueConfection 99 opinions shared on Relationships topic. Xper 7. I've been waiting years for another wife to come along and take over the cooking and cleaning. In all seriousness though, polygamy isn't happening under my roof!

    Changiis07 opinions shared on Relationships topic. It's wrong. God intended for marriage to be between one man and one woman. No more. It's definitely not for me. I work for some, but all parties have to be comfortable and happy with the situation. Floppy transpeople shared on Relationships topic. Just don't expect, outside of very few exceptions, for those relationships to last.

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