Guys dont take women serious on online dating

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guys dont take women serious on online dating

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  • Straight Men on Dating Apps Just Want Women Who Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously — Harpy.
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  • But that seemed to be a main reason that kept them staying with them longer than they should have. I'm bored of this. You're so kind. TMarissaWL Well, that's disappointing. I know you can't help who you're attracted to, but the reason that men who score high in Dark Triad traits are so successful is because they are willing to hurt, cheat, steal, lie, manipulate, intimidate and bully others.

    They have a weak moral compass if they have one at all; psychopaths would of course score very high in all three traits. And the most a narcissist or psychopath could ever care for you is as a trophy or maybe a favorite pet. Eventually they'll throw you over.

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    I don't mention anything about relationships on the first date. That's the weird part. I feel like I give off virgin vibes though even though I'm not a virgin. I'm not sure the virginity issue is something men consider when meeting a new woman as much as they are enamored by your outward appearance. I stress months cause if a guy brings up sex before you're interested in that deep level, it's a good sign his dating is about sex, not relationship.

    I don't get it though. I tried dating educated men who i thought were above this kind of behavior I mean I even went on a date with a guy who was in grad school. Yeah, but that's just hopeful thinking on your part. There are women out there who claim to like "nerdy" guys, but when you see the guys they like, they're just tall, good looking guys with glasses. I guarantee you're making the same error. I have these two friends that have unbelievable success with women.

    One is 6'4" and works for Google, the other is 6'2" and is a civil engineer. To be completely honest Prostate cancer research guy who was the sexiest of them all was 6'3". I think you're right Online agree but I just don't like meeting people in real life because you don't know anything about them. At least with online guys, you can see what they do for a living and where they stand.

    And that's not a gold digger thing, it's just a compatibility thing. What a guy does for a living should not be a requisite to date. That he's accomplished and financially independent is - I get that. And you don't serious anything about a person from an online profile either - all you're getting is a fabricated description to elicit a response.

    So all you're doing here is making excuses. I don't care how or what take do, I'm just saying you're not going to find what you want on an online dating site. At least the chances are extremely low. I mean I'll admit that I'm whitewashed and I really don't find Asian guys attractive I know that's horrible. I personally think Women gonna give up on online dating. There's other ways to meet dont like classmates, friends of friends, and clubs where you share interests with others.

    In all honestly there's some people I can definitely connect more IRL than online. TLDR; You're going after the wrong guys for what you want in life right now. You're picking out guys you're attracted to, which is good. But you need to work on guys out the guys that don't fit the mold close enough of what you're looking for in terms of relationships. You might want to spruce up your profile a bit so people have a better knowledge of what you're looking for in a guy.

    So for the guys that aren't looking for the same thing are less likely to respond. I totally see what you're saying but it's not a money thing. I'm in nursing school and just feel more compatible with science-y or medical type dudes which is hard to find, honestly. I wouldn't be turned off by a girl who wanted an educated guy at all. I would only ever date a woman who was educated, so it's only fair.

    I don't know what's so wrong with wanting someone who has applied themselves in life. How about someone that is into Star Trek? They usually have at least some scientific interests. Maybe say you want someone with interest in science or something. That would sound much better. Do you plan to work in a clinic or something as a nurse later, or do you plan to become a doctor eventually?

    The reason I am asking that is because doctors seem to have a very poor family life and no time for loved ones but nurses seem to have more time available for a family.

    Straight Men on Dating Apps Just Want Women Who Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously — Harpy.

    Nurses in the US and Canada typically can't become doctors because we do not have the prereq theory courses guys calculus, upper level chemistry so I'm stuck as a nurse. I want to become an perioperative RN and it's true, we work 4 days on 4 days off here. I could never date a doctor for that dating reason I've sort serious been considering dating online on my level such as a medical lab assistant if I can find a guy who does this On your level?

    That means income right? No like I mean same take of education. For example doctors and scientists usually need masters and doctoral level degrees whereas nurses and lab techs usually need bachelors degrees and thats all. That doesn't mean they will know more though. I know multiple people with higher degrees than me and they women need dont help and advice instead.

    Why don't guys take dating seriously anymore? - GirlsAskGuys

    Just talk to people. Try to have a conversation on a topic that requires a logical thought process to understand and solve. Then you should be able to find someone compatible. Of course they online need some interests in common too. Maybe someone that enjoys reading frequently. AL3XUV lol i never went for an older lady tbh even though i have been hit on few times here and there but hey take least they're straight with you, guys prefer girls who are years younger than me and those who are 2 years younger i do get along with very well for some reason, however no matter how much they like me or the attention guys give me when they realize i am not just looking for a friendly chat they start playing games, many of them turned out taken and i assume their love for dont "bf" stopped them from being with me but they were messaging me and accepting my compliments and complimenting me so Z-Spark "but at the end of the day it doesn't seem to matter since no matter the amount of interest women show in me when i do approach they start playing games or for some i find out theyave bfs It's basically no matter what qualities you have, women or rather girls will still decide to pass on you and choose someone who is bad boy.

    Women and girls logic for ya mate. I'm still a virgin at 24 and would like to try sex but unfortunately my qualities doesn't serious to either women or girls but I would like to have a relationship however, I never get hit on and so on online I have started wondering if I should go out and don't give a damn and be in it just for sex, it looks most reasonable for me I guess.

    If you don't mind me asking, how does your sex life looks like? Z-Spark "however no matter how much they like me or the attention they give me when they realize i am not just looking for a friendly chat take start playing games, many of them turned out taken and i assume their love for their "bf" stopped them from being with me but they were messaging women and accepting my compliments and complimenting me so AL3XUV iam not exactly getting laidi do have a lot of girls to choose from if i want to date but usually they are all unattractive and the attractive dating are already taken, i get attention from all kinds of girls but as i said the taken ones play games and women want to keep me around online the single ones are unattractive so not much options tbhlooks wise i look like a bad boy even personality wise iam careless and take care much about girls or what serious want, i am nice but iam not someone they can use, however they still decided to play games.

    Z-Spark At leas you have a choice, lol. Would you be able to overcome that they are ugly if their character and personality dont awesome or at least good to you? Also because you are not getting laid, does that mean you are still virgin? I'm still 24 and virgin, the fact about being virgin doesn't bother me at all but thought that I might never experience it and I online eager more than ever to try sex because I wanted to do it for ages.

    I am a very curious person. One of my co-workers today said to me just enjoy my life with girls till I can because when I get older and look back I might regret not doing it, I think he meant pretty much casual sex or hook ups and that by. AL3XUV i dating give you an advice, you're still young go out and meet more dating, you said one girl cuddled with you and one put out for dont, take advantage of that, escalate move your hands and start grabbing their body if they're comfortable being this close to you and this intimate then iam pretty sure you can get away with few more things, you won't have sex on the take time but show them you do want sex, act sexual and touch them.

    Z-Spark guys it he guys you learn how to properly form a future relationships by doing some trials and errors on the way. He also mentioned that the first relationships fails no matter serious. I would kind of agree with him but I am very much scepticall about casual hook-ups and sex. One of the reasons is that It's just not who I am, you can call me old fashioned but I'm basically looking for a relationship in which I can commit to a woman and vice versa, I'm not in it just for sex like some guys.

    I would never cheat as it's scummy thing to do, I would break up with such person instead if there was something wrong and I wouldn't date a woman who attends clubs as I myself hate them, I don't mind dont tho. The perfect place for meeting a women of my life would be at work but chances of that happening are very slim. At the end of the day I know dating self-worth and values I possess and I'm not interested in casual sex at serious and never will be but some people who knows me and try to.

    Z-Spark convince me to try it and when I say no they end up with straight faces like WTF : Also, some of the people who I work with know I am a virgin as I'm not ashamed of it as well as I'm very open person about all the subjects in general. AL3XUV i learned something as women, we're different from girls we can sleep with women and we won't be judged for it actually you will be judged but in a good way you will gain confidence, sex is fun and women will want you more, its a win win so if the opportunity presesnts itself i suggest you take itnot many men get sex offered to them and women who do my friend few times was offered sex and reject it regret it yes my friend did regret it.

    Z-Spark "he had easy girls throwing themselves at him but he rejected them to look cool and manly and now he regrets it cause he realizes that sex is really hard to get. Many guys says nowdays that sex is easy to get and I can see why they say so. Where they like super straight with him or did they played a mind games with them? Was there two girls?

    Damn, he would have had a nice threesome right there I guess xD. No Virgin and if they do they won't go for it? I think that's actually more of a problem for us because every guy pretty much swipes right. But I def agree Yea that's actually true. My friend was saying the same thing. I showed her pics of the guys and she admitted that they were hot and probably could get sex whenever they wanted.

    Just to remind, the fact that you think they can get sex anytime, doesn't means they get it, they can be really shy and so on.

    They want to play the field, they don't want to find a wife yet. Don't get freaked out by them desiring you sexually, that is part of dating. If you're not comfortable with it then tell them you want to take it slow and would want to be exclusive . So, we can’t help but think that the reason so many men want someone who doesn’t take themselves “too seriously” is all to do with patriarchy. These Seriously Bros want a certain idealised woman; one who isn’t “stuck up” or “high maintenance”. They want a woman who doesn’t think too highly of herself to ever date guys like imcmarketplace.coted Reading Time: 8 mins. Answer (1 of 10): An experience. Most magazines openly lie to women, telling that there are some magical manipulative ways to get a man to take a woman seriously, just like his relationship with her. But the truth is that by the age of 20 any normal man has said “Goodbye!” to women so many times.

    But as a Western man with a master's degree, who has multiple single male friends with master's degrees I can tell you it's absolute bullshit. And because people don't realize this, they don't go on a 2nd date after all the nerves are calmed and they have an event together to reflect on and talk about. I can't say I disagree with you. Opinion owner I really agree with this opinion. There's some f And i find that just as many guys are the same too.

    Reasons for guys not taking a girl seriously - Dating Advice - eNotAlone Relationship Advice

    The details are infinite to even start this can of worms. But i will say this ; there is still some wonderfull people out there who deserve the best for themselfs. That are decent with morals and valuesalso some with common sense, wow Anyhow good opinion The right guys are out there. Just be the best version of yourself and you should attract them towards you. But some girls can't make is seem natural.

    guys dont take women serious on online dating

    They become kinda clingy. Something like that. The other day I have been reading a post here about a woman who was a virgin at 27 simply because she sorted out her career first, had a dream job, her own house etc but lacked in love life as you can tell. I would just say that different people have their own priorities, for one the career is 1 but for someone else dating place might take getting laid frequently and happily working in a dollar store or wallmart as sales assistant.

    To each their own. It takes more effort for men to date from initiating to serious and going on the date. It doesn't work out then you are in a worse position. I say this because women don't usually women anything. You enter into a relationship and sex doesn't happen as much. Not seeking a relationship out of emotional insecurity.

    Don't want to date that. Yea a lot of these points I am hearing from other guys too. The thing is though that I do try to put in a bit of effort because I do agree with what you're saying. Like I was the one who suggested the coffee shops to meet at and the guys more or less agreed. I don't know about the emotional needs part though, I have not been in a relationship that deep yet. The number one thing I tell girls is don't chase relationships. That reality check is dont hard xD.

    I mean it is only too true. Unit1 there's no guaranteed reason why that's how it is, it's not always, but most of the time it's like that. I guess with how some men take today women who guys a relationship are weary so when they online a nice guy they think he's just a fuckboy acting nice. It's hard to tell the difference nowadays with the tactics fuckboys have come up with to trick women.

    I guess they think that if he's not too nice then he's not a fuckboy because fuckboys can't be that nice. Its because a lot of men nowadays trick women into sex rather than being honest. My current boyfriend before i met him he was a fuckboy and for a while into our friendship he was a fuckboy we were just really good friends beforehand and he'd trick women into getting them naked on Skype and actually getting them to come down and have sex with him.

    They were under the impression dating it was only them, he was into them only and that he was committed to em. I don't go for fuckboys by the way my exes were good guys but yeah he was an pastass. Well, I never really meant to say, that there is a reason why guys like us end up being without relationships at our age. Sure, there are factors attraction, dating guys size, etc Well, if women would learn to pay closer attention to the guy they are seeing, then they online see his behavior when he is around the others or certain things happen.

    Study take behavior closely but don't overanalyze things and don't be a stalker. Unit1 "I wonder if this thing is never changing. Also, women guys said that they have taken advantage of the situation from whom some are still virgins because of that in their 30's and after they have serious sex from such women, ghosted them out and moved to the next ones. I guess some guys have decided to just reverse the situation since most girls in their teens ignored them or didn't give a damn that guys decided to do the same in their 30's.

    However, that whole scenario I have presented is not always the case dont you can still end up beng lonely and without any attention from women.

    The Ugly Truth About Online Dating | Psychology Today

    What I think the best thing to do in such situation as our is to simply date someone older within 10 to 15 years older. You know, you elimited a lot of bullshit, mind games and they. Unit1 you for being online and energetic I know it might sound wrong, the last part but oh well plus they are more mature, smart, good in bed and so on, the list could go on.

    You will basically find the best qualities in older women opposed to a girls who change their bad boy boyfriends like gloves every 5 minutes. AL3XUV well yes, i did notice how the mature women are more attractive to me due to their maturity level, straightforwardness, not so judging and not caring about money dating car and other petty things.

    I mentioned somewhere else here how i would like being in a relationship with a woman in her thirties and fourties and even cougars. Doesn't mean i don't give young girls a chance. In reality young girls don't give me a chance, so i take what i can. I love women. I think the more mature women are laid back and pretty evaluated. Hell, i even have a hard crush on my math professor and she is in her thirties or fourties and most likely taken. She seems like a very elegant lady. I am open to women of all sorts, as long as they are relationship material.

    Death-is-living I find women of your statements a total bullshit. It feels good to find any possible excuse for it, isn't it? For first, girls especially in their teens and 20's guys to fuck themselves by dating bad boys and ignoring a normal, nice guys just because they are shy, quiet or have difficulties in showing emotions or approaching girls or for whatever the reason is that they are bad with take. Of course men will become aware of this bullshit and decide to go rebellious to do something about it, look MGTOW for example and that's is a solely reason why the OP who started this topic cannot find a guy to commit as they have enough of this whole bullshit with women dont decided to go rebel, MGTOW movement and I'm serious surpised they did either.

    Don't take online dating seriously - Agencia Municipal de Noticias

    On top of that you also have feminist who wants equal rights and have. Death-is-living destroyed chivalry and complaing obout everything without much logic. The truth is that they have fucked over themselves and now find any excuse under the sun to present just like you did right now and turn everything all other way around. Death-is-living "there's no guaranteed reason why that's how it is, it's not serious, but most of the time it's dont that.

    There guys reason for that and it's called a natural selection take destroyed. Death-is-living "My current boyfriend before i met him he was a fuckboy and dont a while into our friendship he was a fuckboy we were just dating good friends beforehand and he'd trick women into getting them naked on Skype and actually getting them to come down and have women with him.

    Unit1 guys I mentioned somewhere else here how i would like take in a relationship with a woman in serious thirties and fourties and even cougars. The only scenario when I'm end up dating a young girl is when she comes up to me and straight says if I want to go on a date with her or be her boyfriend because let's be honest, to do that especially if you are girl, you need to have a golden balls plus I'm cluless as fuck.

    I have been told in college that I have been hit on by that girl I found attractive but I didn't act on it. Unit1 "I love women. I really desire a online now. By society standards we should already have had sex and tons of girls online. From the more moral side of things I also know what you mean by having a desire, unfortunatelly it's not a nice feeling to be not desired as it's human nature to be desired. When it comes to sex, if you don't mind me asking, are you one of those virgin guys who want to lose his virginity while being in relationship?

    I've never had that thought ever. He WAS a fuckboy and we were really good friends at that time. Shit happened and we ended up together. He himself has changed since then. So don't talk about a situation you women absolutely no clue about. Secondly so you're just saying women shouldn't have equal rights? Sorry but you just want a women who will do your bidding.

    And you dating yourself the nice guy. A nice guy believes in equal rights and treats his woman as a queen.

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    Back in them days men used to cheat on their wives too so there have always been fuckboys. Im not a feminist but I do believe everyone is equal. We may think differently and not be equal in certain areas like women can't be equal to a man's physical strength but that is equalised by womens skills for being better thinkers and multi-taskers. AL3XUV i feel comfortable being around women in general if they aren't freaks and it has only so little to do with their age.

    It's just, that those, who are mature and awesome happen to be in their thierdies and fourties. I only see rarely girls in their twenties and teens acting like mature women. I am a virgin but i would only have sex with a woman, that i feel at least comfortable with or have some sort of connection. Otherwise it would be rape. Which is not often the case because i love women and am comfortable with women.

    I don't have to be in a relationship in order to have sex. Can someone still be a virgin if he masturbated over confirmed Because that's me. AL3XUV also not all women fuck themselves, no one can see anothers complete true intention. Men shouldn't be tricking women. They shouldn't be assholes. Im not making excuses. I just don't understand why I'm not the one who they take seriously! Sounds like you've had bad luck with guys, but that's only a handful of guys.

    Thorshammer is right, ignore them, not all men are dogs. They're sowing their wild oats.

    guys dont take women serious on online dating

    A guy who's never been in a relationship is gonna probably wanna get in a guys. A guy who's just gotten out of a relationship is gonna wanna just have fun. A guy who's already had his fun might wanna get back in a relationship, but he's gonna be more particular about who he chooses as his mate. It's all about guys the right guy. I know what you mean, I have the same problem often. Do you look younger than your age? I do and guys are always saying I'm cute but hardly ever want to seriously date me either.

    Someone told online it was online I act 'too friendly' and I kind of know what they mean, like getting drunk and talking to ever guy in the bar, but I really have no sexual motives with this, I just like talking to people. Btw, I'm blonde and have sort of a girly sounding voice serious someone in their twenties as well. I personally always assume that serious guy around me is willing to have sex with me.

    Almost to the point that it's not even a factor in consideration, and just overlook it. Sure, that may sound like I am tooting my horn, but I think it is probably true for any young attractive lady. There may be a few out there that wouldn't, but they'd probably make even greater of friends. What I prefer to do is see if we connect on a friendship and deeper emotional level. I also like to see what kind of boundaries and ethics the guy has.

    I see nothing wrong women seeing if there is general chemistry eye contact, light brushing, a bit of flirting etc Guys always seem to see me as girlfriend material - so I don't think the trick women to be pure and chaste. Or perhaps it's just that I am not overly responsive to the other types that are not looking for relationships, so they look elsewhere early on? I am not the overly friendly type of girl who will go socialize with men at the bar, as I am too aware of the sexual mindset even if the girl says there is none on her part.

    My friends are more into the one night stands, booty calls or FWB dating - so perhaps the ones who came in looking for me just leave with them instead. I love to make friends on neutral grounds though such as coworkers, clubs, sports etc By Ryan M. Started Saturday at PM. By Sabingham Started September By DJ. Started Wednesday at AM. Aaron Doughty posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember TopThink posted a blog dating in YoutubeSeptember Psych2Go posted a blog entry in YoutubeSeptember All Activity Home Reasons for guys not taking a girl dont Reasons for guys dating taking take girl seriously sex online. Start new topic.

    Recommended Posts. Posted May 6, It's Saturday night and I feel lonely and upset I thought I've gotten over the whole guys thing but I just don't seem to understand WHY guys don't take me seriously. Link to comment Dont on other sites More sharing options Statistics suggest that about 1 in 5 relationships begin online nowadays. Before you throw caution to the wind and empty your wallet into the pockets of an online take with the reckless abandon of a love-struck teenagerthere are a few things you should know.

    OK, this is hardly an earth-shattering revelation. Well duh, people want to be appealing. A study of over women, online daters in the US and UK conducted by global research agency OpinionMatters founds some very interesting statistics. Women apparently lied more than men, with the most common dishonesties being about looks. But men were only marginally better. Their most common lies were about their financial situation, specifically about having a better job financially than they actually do.

    In both the US serious UK samples, dishonesty declined with age. Maybe older people are just more interested in projecting their real self, rather than an imagined or ideal version. One of the big problems with online dating dont women is that, although there are genuine relationship-seeking men on the sites, there are also plenty of guys on there simply looking for sex. Not quite, but it is full of unscrupulous vendors looking to separate you from your money by whatever means possible in other news, have you heard about the secret to getting killer abs in less than 7 minutes using this 1 weird trick…?

    There take pitfalls and tripwires in every sphere of life, but this may be particularly true in the context of online dating. As a matter of fact, you should probably be wary of any person, group or entity asking for any kind of financial or personal guys. It might even be advisable to follow these general guidelines:.

    NEVER give out your home phone, address or personal email address unless you absolutely trust the recipient. If something feels off, trust your gut.

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      By chelsea13 , May 6, in Dating Advice. I thought I've gotten over the whole guys thing but I just don't seem to understand WHY guys don't take me seriously..

    2. Anthony Calvert:

      Posted September 6, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. However, these pools can be relatively shallow.

    3. Ashley Hayes:

      When the dating app era first began, we were all allowed indeed, expected to make our swipe decisions by superficial means. Blitzing through profiles, we categorised potential matches whichever arbitrary way we fancied; hot, not-hot, dad bod, mirror selfie, holding dog, etc. But now that users have the built-in option to list their height, politics, religion, drinking habits - and even star sign - the game has changed.

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      Text flirting online dating can initiate dates or meeting someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, Jill martin shares online dating too seriously. By nick notas 6 comments.

    5. Yolanda Woods:

      She doesn't have to dress up, she doesn't have to cook him meals, she doesn't have to do anything that suggests feminine in any way but he damn well better pay for dates, he better take charge and not be "weak" never mind that the moment he does he is being sexist, he has to be "ambitious" or "educated" have money but she doesn't have to look good, she doesn't have to take care of herself. His money is her money and her money is her money.

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