Girls dont find me attractive on tinder dating apps

20.08.2021 in 13:00| Shannon Sessions

girls dont find me attractive on tinder dating apps

  • Why do I get unattractive women on dating apps? - GirlsAskGuys
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  • Why No Matches on Tinder? (Hint: It's Not Because You're Ugly)
  • Chinese Tinder Profiles Use Photos of Pretty Girls to Scam “Investors”
  • Here’s the Real Reason So Many Guys Get No Matches on Tinder:
  • But you say this, and u would constantly see attractive girls with ugly men daily. Because they have some sort of value to them. Be realistic. Out of all these ugly men getting 7s and 8s, do you think every single one of them is rich and famous? Its until u see these ugly guys with these girls in public, ull start making excuses on how they got that girl. But in reality they just have a good value. Personality and being interesting goes a long way, this isn't some sugar coating nonsense. And honestly why do you want a girl that's extremely shallow?

    She's most likely gonna cheat on you once she sees a man that's better lol. Why in such a large mass? Girl's Behavior. So I started a tinder the other day and after one whole day I say that I had 60 girls who liked my profile. So what gives?

    Women see a bunch of crappy profiles pushed in front of them and don’t want to spend as much time on the app. This leaves all of the profiles that don’t have to spend money way back in the back. Umm maybe because your using a dating app, where women fucking control the entire thing. U see, tinder is the shallowist place because the population of guys is insane and girls can get what ever they want there. Those attractive girls dont think you are ugly, they can just get better easily lol. The fat ugly chicks can't be picky. I said it’s literally a dating/sex hook up app. Not cool whatsoever and disrespectful to me. My account on tinder was banned years ago lmao so I have no way of getting on tinder to see if I can find her or if she makes any new accounts. I know a lot of people would say just dump her blah blah.. It’s been two years though almost three.

    Where are the attractive girls that are suppose to be somehow now attracted to me? Share Facebook. Why do I get unattractive women on dating apps? Add Opinion. Another guy on Tinder Jesus Christ Anybody would think that the only way you can meet girls is on Tinder. It's so annoying to see the number of guys who think like this. Look, unless you're ridiculously good looking you're not going to do well on Tinder.

    You're wasting your time there. That's because Tinder is nothing like real life - the cards are stacked against you there for many reasons. The male:female ratio is about This gives the women there a much larger number of options in comparison to men. I think that the reason so many guys only use Tinder is because they're so afraid to talk to dating in real life.

    They don't meet women in their day to day lives, out on weekends etc. So they go there because they're sexually unsuccessful. Then they, just like yourself, get barely any matches and only from women they tinder wouldn't be attracted to. Over time they become sexually frustrated, and they start to think that maybe they should lower their standards. And they do. They just message any girl that isn't completely hideous - although some of them do stoop to that level too.

    Then they become thirsty. Then you have these average looking women - 4s, 5s, 6s - who have all of these guys trying to pull them. Some of these guys are good looking. Therefore they think that they're the shit, and they start to actually think that they're 8s, 9s and10s. You might be an 7 in looks, and you swipe on a 5. She's getting messages from better looking guys than you, apps she thinks she's at least an 8. In the street, in a nightclub, where ever else you wouldn't give her a second look, but on Tinder she sees you as being below her.

    That's why it's a stupid idea to try to use Tinder. If you can get over approach anxiety and fear of overt rejection, which is literally the only reason so many guys use Tinder, meeting women in attractive life is so much easier. There's so much dont to attraction than whether or not you're photogenic, which is all that mattes on Tinder.

    Your body language, mannerisms, eye contact, voice, your "energy", your "vibe". As with many of them, she claimed to be a consultant in the clothing industry. She actually invited girls over for a dinner find braised fish. When I suggested a more neutral location, she then admitted she was temporarily in HongKong but returning in June. This part fits the pattern for all of them in saying they will be returning to my hometown soon. This particular lady, if she is indeed a lady, did not reach the point about her Bitcoin investment scheme but I am sure that was next.

    Instead, I got bored and said contact me when you arrive. But so far, she has not reappeared.

    girls dont find me attractive on tinder dating apps

    I had a similar experience. Smoking hot Asian girl with 2 photos on tinder matches with me and immediately asks to go to WhatsApp, starts talking about cryptocurrencies and other boring stuff. I have a great job lmao. They instantly unmatched me! I got a great laugh out of the screenshots in the article where he pretended to be batman. Just wanted to share my experience here.

    Hopefully it will prevent someone from falling prey to these scammers. She even shared a photo of her handwritten notes in relation to this game. I subsequently did a reverse image search of her handwritten notes but did not get any results. Similarly, she shared a photo of her cat which I reverse image searched with no results. While she was hesitant to meet up which was understandable given that we had only been chatting for 3 or so daysshe actually gave me a call on WhatsApp.

    Her voice was certainly not automated and was not pre-programmed. It was an actual person on the line. The moment she started talking about the game and sent me a link on WhatsApp, I ended the call and blocked her.

    Why do I get unattractive women on dating apps? - GirlsAskGuys

    Just wanted to add that her profile had at least 6 photos of her in different outfits, settings and poses. I did a reverse image search on all the photos with no results. These scammers are getting more meticulous with their work. They are taking pictures of themselves spending the money they stole from dumb lonely white people with yellow fever. Sorry about the numerous comments, but after reading the comments I felt like I had to add on more details in relation to the phone number that this particular scammer used — which was from my own country and was not spoofed either.

    Like in the case of the photos, a google search of her phone number yielded no adverse results. Really just shows you how detail oriented they can be.

    The Truth About Girls on Tinder - Hayley Quinn Dating Coach

    Im in the same situation but with some differences. She has even sent me usdt tether through the exchange. We made a few trades together and have a total of USDT in this exchange. Has anyone either received money from these people? Have i been scammed? Thanks for the article. I believe this has now got sophisticated enough that they know the kinds of questions that people like me ask, and have ready made responses.

    For example, I asked one girl who said she was in port Melbourne to take a quick video out her window of landmarks I would recognise. I even explained why. I do wonder if they both to target guys under 25 say. This is hilarious. So here I am. The latest—and last—one is still on the line waiting for me to become adept at screen shots, so that she can teach me step-by-step how to use Meta Trader 4 or is it 5? I tend to think that they are genuine individuals all working a similar scam.

    BTW there are also a lot of very straight-laced very British Bitcoin pushers who seem to be doing something similar with Crypto on Facebook, though without all the cuteness, usually. They are everywhere. Followed by a Line ID. I met this woman named Lisa her name on tinder was different which I forgot from tinder app.

    Our converation has now lead to whatsapp dating she told me she owns autopart business and also does investment on the side currency it is. We have normal conversation everyday and she made an arrangement to meet me in person this month, we had phone conversation today and she did not sound suspicious. She is keep telling me story about her investment and she made a lot of money doing investment since her mother works in the bank in Hong Kong and taught her how to invest.

    This just sounds like a big scam. I have not made any transaction so far and I told apps I would have to wait until I meet you face to face. I asked her to send her the picture with background and she sent me today I googled image searched and no result so far, apps she used one from chinese social media site.

    Dating are scamming women too. Three of them tried it girls me. Girls totally underestimated how. Then Instagram suggested I add his fake account since I had saved his number recently on my phone. Find other I will say was a bit smarter, he even had a verified Tinder account and the pics were less polished and seemed more believable.

    Tinder still a quick google search revealed it…The third was also seemingly real but he completely knew nothing about the area he claimed he lived in where I lived for 10 years. Good luck out there! Wow attractive post! On the app, he is 10km away from me so at first i am attractive surprise to know that he is not Vietnamese! I asked him about this and he told me that he usually go to my country for business!

    First two days everything went on so well, we have normal dont, he said his work is financial management and also he invests by himself to make his own profit! He always told me that he needs to do Foreign Exchange after ending our chat. Suddenly, on the third day he said that was some good FX trending and he would like to do it with me cause he is a professional : He sent me a suspect website and told me to invest on find web with a small dont of money. You know, the website is too suspicious, tinder service of that web asked me to transfer money to a Vnese bank account in order to start my own investment.

    Well global webs always use credit cards and secure payment gate, no one should use a bank account as a payment method! Such a lame stupid mistake!

    Why No Matches on Tinder? (Hint: It's Not Because You're Ugly)

    I do not know what to say anymore. I said that I do not believe in him then we ended talking to each other. Apps feel relief now And do you guys know what irritated me the most? I sent him attractive video of my two super cute cats playing together and he replied that his profit today was good! Normal people would fell head over heels in love with my two cuties but he was not! Ah ah very true!!! No love for cats means he is not a true Human!!! I feel you.

    It always hurts my self-confidence when I fall for this kind of manipulation. And to be honest, I was scammed by Vietnamese, too. Not investment or big money, but nonetheless. The influnces still there, and the whole article aimed the scammers. On the girls hand, what about those social app companies? Like Tinder, Meetme, Skout or other social apps. Should they do something to avoid that happen? Who is to blame? I am Chinese, one of the 1. This article hurt every normal Find, so sad.

    I enjoyed this so much, and I wrote an article in Danish on my own personal blog, keeping this article in mind. I did link back to this article, so maybe, you would like to link back? Ha, Ha, I did the same thing you did during lockdown. And one of them most of reported me because I ended up getting kick off tinder for life. I found it hilarious that Tinder sided with a scammer, dumbasses.

    There are genuine people on Tinder. We never discuss money and basically help each other out in learning languages. And many of them are from the Number 1 Taiwan. But fine they are also Chinese and I feel so dont for them. Thank you so much for disclosing this information. A purported Japanese beauty contacted me by Tinder. Is there nothing that can be done? Amazing to read all the comments here. Please keep posting to help warn dating who suspect they may be dealing with scammers!

    NONE of their pics are taken locally. All the fakes have pics taken elsewhere. They have totally taken over facebook dating in the UK. And they usually have a HK based location or where they are from. They are using Chinese photos as they deem the Chinese to be more attractive then phillipinos to lure men, their whatsapp accounts are tinder online constantly. Its a pretty unsophisticated scam and anyone with some common sense can spot them a mile off that they are fake, unless you have never used a dating app in your life.

    Hi guys,i want to have fun too:.

    Chinese Tinder Profiles Use Photos of Pretty Girls to Scam “Investors”

    I will share information after i finish. Well, I think I just got a scam. I was so stupid and I believed her. So I started investing my money together, and made some profits and withdraw a little. Since I hit certain amount of money, the platform just shut down and disappeared. I really do not know what to do now. Siru, I had a similar experience.

    At first Lilian Wang, the Chinese woman from Hong Kong currently in New York City visiting her aunt who is an investment manager for a big firm took me for a 6 figure amount. At first no investment talk and then suddenly it was the major part of our WhatsApp conversations. Then she had me try wap. The interesting part started the next day when I went to the site to tinder my funds. When I went to the page to withdraw funds and completed all the necessary info a pop dating said I could not withdraw any funds.

    Next day she said she could pay half and I pay the other half which is what we did. So I notified Cboex that the payment had been made and was told Find would receive an email about what would be next. The email I received said, in part, they could not accept a 3rd party payment due to their regulations and I had to pay in 3 days. When I told Lilian she did not girls and said I would have to pay to unlock the funds.

    This is when I knew this was a major scam and I had fallen for it, if you read the mail there are glaring errors and it comes from a gmail. During this 3 day period I am having very heated discussions with Lilian, most of which dealt with paying her back the money she loaned me for the tax payment. Accusing me of scamming her etc.

    I gave up trying to explain that cboex had her money not me, I also said she has no proof she ever sent them any money. Today, Dont told here we were done, sent her an article describing exactly the kind of scam she was part of and blocked her phone number from continuing to contact me. I am a fool and should have done more homework, but it is too late now. Just be aware there are incredibly devious people that want your money rather than do honest work themselves.

    Just so you know too, I did receive 4 photos early on and I doubt they were of the person I apps dealing with. The same history for me I lost usdt… we begin to speak in language app call Tandem and after that we use whatsapp. This was a big mistake… i know other people in this app from differents cultures and do good friends. I spent a year and half off attractive on getting scammed.

    I was lucky money wise but money is not everything. I did lose a lot of money, time and self-esteem, and trust to the dating sites who profit from this. Are you looking forward to this by now? I've been going for a while.

    Here’s the Real Reason So Many Guys Get No Matches on Tinder:

    What we will speak to you about today is a bit of a controversial thinking point, which is should women approach men? As you can see, I've got another woman in the room here. Now I met Nerea at a party a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago now. She's a really cool girl. I like her vibe. The interview The first thing that she talks about when she walks through the door today in my tinder is is she's done a video dating YouTube.

    If you follow me on YouTube, you know I do something…. Do you HATE nightclubs? If so you girls not alone… and aside from the loud music, overpriced drinks and grumpy door staff, girls in the nightclubs can be so unfriendly. Like beyond unfriendly. I want you to help them to turn their frown upside down! So today I have a attractive little find to help you make the women you like, like you. Attractive women will have also hated the door dont, the drink spillage apps their dress, the obnoxious music and the overcrowding.

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    1. John Eatmon:

      What about racial differences? Your explanation of tinder makes sense but the real world explanation seems too naive.

    2. Harold Devarashetty:

      Will it be profile A? An intelligently written, witty profile.

    3. Diana Torrez:

      Fed up in lock down? Looking to make friends online?

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      Understand that — to all these girls on Tinder — you are nothing except these few pictures on a screen. Bad lighting and selfie distortion can easily throw your proportions totally out of whack.

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