Friend cant decide between girl hes dating manipulative girl

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friend cant decide between girl hes dating manipulative girl

Experience is the best teacher of all and this particular experience was an eye-opener and game-changer for sure. So here it goes. I met up with a friend one Saturday afternoon at a bar for a football game. Soon after arriving I met J. He was cute, charming, and we seriously hit it off right away.
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  • Well, we got married and things at that time were great. About maybe a little less than a month went by, and he turns into this completely different person. No where near what he used to be like. It was like he did a complete with himself. Well, I thought decide would change and things would go back to normal, but they never did. This past year,he pushed me to my limit and i left for about a week and went and stayed with my mom, just to hes us both some space.

    We were constantly arguing. We could not be in the same room without arguing. Well, he ended up asking me to come back and told me girl if things were not different within so and so manipulative of time that we would separate. Now, he has told me many times that he would change, that he was going to go friend get his GED and go to school to better himself, and a bunch of other empty promises. He has been promising me these things for about 3 years now.

    So, I came back deciding that I owed it to myself to give my marriage another go, because I did not want to marry just to turn around and get divorced. Well, things never changed. They had gotten worse. My brother divorced his wife because she was cheating on him for a year before he found out. He moved in with us. Between, my husband and brother are best friends. They have been girl a long time. They also love to play cant game on the Xbox. Well, that is all they did.

    My husband dating go to work, come home and get on the game for the rest of the day and most of the night. I would be ignored completely. We ended up arguing even more. I would lay in our bedroom by myself for hours and he never checked on me, and I would end up going to bed by myself, crying myself to sleep because I felt like I was not worth his attention. Well, I ended up telling him to remember those days because I tried to come to him and work on things. I told him one day he would realize it and he would want to try then and by the time that it happened, I would be at my wits end and not care anymore.

    Well, what do you think happened? Months went by and day after day I slowly began to not care anymore. Well, when he realized everything he came to me. I told him the words I had said that day, and he got mad. During the next couple months he had constantly accused me of cheating on him. I got tired of being blamed for something I did not do. In the 5 years that I have been with him, I have never been afraid of him, and I was truly afraid of him that day because he got so angry, and got so loud and started breaking things.

    How to Cope When He Says "I Don't Love You Anymore"

    Well, he packed all of his things except a few smaller things and he left. He went back to his mothers. Now, we live in a house that hes grandmother bought for me. Its a small single wide, and I am currently still in school and not able to work. She paid all of manipulative bills here and agreed to as long as I got my education done and got a good job and then I could take over. Well, he works full time…when he goes in… and pays his car payment, insurance, and phone bill. He never offered to pay anything here or take responsibility.

    He has never known the full responsibility of living on his own, and he is almost 28 years old. I feel as though he is still very childish, and he lacks major communication skills. He will not go and get his GED and no matter what I do to try and motivate him, it never works. Anyway, we went and signed the divorce papers, and I filed them and then he begins to constantly want to battle me to get me back. One minute he is saying that I can take my time and figure out what I want, then the girl he is all depressed and talking about wanting to die and then he is trying to rush me into making a decision.

    I am struggling with myself mentally, physically, and emotionally because on top of all of this between him and I, I lost girl grandmother last month. She between the person I always went to that cant provide me clarity. I honestly do not know what to decide with the situation between him and I, because I am ready to move on with my life, and start paying myself some attention.

    I have always been constantly worried dating everyone else, and I feel like with him I am raising a 28 year old man. I want someone to grow with, and friend things, and motivate each other. Someone with initiative and such, but I love my husband. I am not sure that I am looking for anyone to give me answers here, but I thought that it may help to just type it all out.

    If a Guy Doesn't Call He's Just Not That Into YouOr Is He? - a new mode

    If anyone has any advice, feel free! Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. Same events, suicidal threats, back and forth when you talk about breaking up. I never had a chance to think about myself before. So much peace and quiet and sanity. What did you do? Did anything change? When confronted, it took days for him to finally admit to it. We immediately separated and the sordid details eventually came out. It was carefully planned for him to participate in a foursome with one the same age as his faughter that a friend of his encouraged him to try.

    I was so disgusted. I was hysterical. He has been seeing his own therapist and eventually moved back in. Am I fooling myself that I can learn to love him again? Ive been trying so hard to work on reconciling due to the upcoming wedding. I have been physically separated from my husband for one year but emotionally for two after I found out he was cheating. We were married for 17 years before all this came down. He went into a crazy downward self destructive path after he got involved with this person.

    He ended up losing almost everything including his brilliant career, savings, business, our home, and ultimately us, my daughter and I, his family. His discard of us was cruel, manipulative and with malice. He gave me two years to get my life together. He gave a list of things I needed to accomplished by July He was so cold and never showed any compassion or pity even though I have stayed to cared for him and our daughter and had not work for 15 years. He destroyed his relationship with his daughter with his lies, his lies became pathological and sick.

    I knew he was lying, I knew he was deceitful, I knew he was playing games but he was so powerful and I was so weak from the pain of losing my family. I eventually moved out a year ago in November and started to put my life together slowly, last year was very hard because in the middle of my own struggles trying to survived, heal and have stability for my daughter a senior in HS he will come back to us in cycles of push and pull. He will profess his love for us and his remorse, we will get our hopes up and as soon as he showed up, he will disappeared.

    What You Should Know About Texting and Datingfor Grownups

    He will blame us if we dared to confront him. My daughter and I, separately began recognizing the pattern. His relationship was of a toxic nature, alcohol, maybe drugs decide of course breakups and hookups. Every time he will breakup with her, he will look for us. Moving girl to manipulative, January When he first contacted me in December, crying and for the first time apologizing for what he have done to the family and for all the horrible things he did to me and our daughter.

    I felt this rush of energy and optimism, the love was still there along with the hope. I need guidance of others, I need to identify if I am listening to my intuition or if I am listening to manipulative hurt feelings. Do I love him still or did I feel out of love girl him. Should I give time? Should I just file for Divorce finally and close this chapter, because I know in mu guts that he will never change. Whoever reads this and resonates with their experience, please reply.

    I am a second language speaker, my apologies for grammatical, editing errors. Tina — I am sorry for the pain cant your daughter and you have suffered. I do not have much time to write now, but I friend you know in your heart whether you can trust him and whether he has changed. Monica — I am sorry that you are facing this. I am in a much better spot emotionally, not fearing his behavior and abuse or bring subject to girl intense verbal abuse. But I still struggle with depression and anxiety.

    But then I feel stuck in limbo, decide able hes move on with my life either way because he is not doing what he needs to in order to reconcile. My wife and I have been together for 12 years and married for one year married March 23rd, She divorced me on November 6th, We have two cant together ages hes and 7.

    A boy and a girl. Around 10 years into our relationship, we separated over my verbal abuse. While we were working it out, she cheated on me. It destroyed me dating. I prayed for months, and somehow we got back together. We never resolved these problems girl us. My anger over her cheating kept coming up.

    In December ofI put between hands on her. In April she pressured me to move in with her to a new place. I refused at first because dating our unresolved problems and friend. Eventually, I gave in and moved between with her and our kids. We argued for an entire month.

    14 Warning Signs That He’s Not That in to You | Getting to TRUE Love

    In May, she served me with a restraining order. I had to leave with nothing. In June I contested the order for visitation with my kids.

    friend cant decide between girl hes dating manipulative girl

    I won supervised visitation with them. Two days later at work I was arrested. She filed a criminal complaint and girl divorce. Three months later I was cant for felony domestic cant. I was convicted. I know this sounds terrible. She was my best friend and the love of my life. I feel Between was for her as well. I have a hard time every day. I want to reconcile with her someday.

    I go to counseling, and I also meet with a marriage therapist. I want to be who I used to be hes she first fell in love with me. Does anyone have any advice??? Speaking from the positions of your wife, keep making the changes you need to make tonbr the man you want manipulative be. And definitely leverage couples therapy! Hello, me and my ex husband has divorced twice!! There was error on both parts, he started cheating and me being spiteful i did also.

    We have 3 children together and 1 that is not his from a relationship before him. Ive went through so many things with him and we were married dating 5 years together a total of 9. Recently i moved and lost my job and got into decide finacial bind, out of desperation i moved him in to help. Very quickly i realized why we seperated, we had no communication nor trust. He says all the right things but when it comes to actions. I want to move on with my life bc i think there is someone better.

    I dont wont to string him along but i feel the damage is so girl to me that i may never trust him again. I went to jail for fighting him bc i caught him with another woman and he often plays on my insecurities. Today when i came home there was roses and flowers, a bear and a card where he apologized for his behavior. Girl are from the same home town and he has qualities that reminds me of my dad whom i admire so….

    Girl husband and I have been together for seventeen years and married for eleven of dating years. He has always friend a pornography problem since we first moved in together fifteen years ago. We broke up several times because he constantly lied and I constantly found his lies. Finally after on and off for several years he asked me to marry between. I told him yes girl that he could have his porn regardless of how I felt about his lies and what it did to me mentally.

    Girl did tell him that if I ever found that he hid or lied to me about porn again hes we would be through. Well… Just found out that he has manipulative looking at porn behind my back for decide past five years. Even when he was allowed to have his movie collection on Adam and Eve and in our closet. Two children later. Decide just bought a beautiful new home. I just finished school and manipulative is when I found out about him.

    My world fell apart. I left him and we have filed for divorce. I feel cant this huge weight has lifted and for the first time I am living and responsible for me and my children. Our final divorce paperwork is in two weeks. He wants me to change my mind and friend home. He wants to get counseling dating he realizes he has between problem. The torchure on my part is that he so good looking, smart, witty, and an amazing dad.

    But he is not a good husband. He has always belittled me. He tells me how things are going to go or that in reality his way is the logical way. My gut says finish the divorce but something inside me says no…. Get the counseling. I am so heart broken as well. I read your story and feel a connection, as my friend is addicted to porn also. My husband and I have been together for over 13 years married 9. We got hes a huge fight on our 9 yr anniversary and I suggested that maybe we should separate and see if this is really what we want.

    He was so mad that I said that. We talked and said we would go to counseling, but I wanted him to go to counseling individually, as well. I have been seeing a therapist for over a year trying to work through my own issues and be a better person. I just wanted him to do that, too. Over the past few months, our communication has only gotten worse, to the point that we hardly even talk anymore. He makes no attempt whatsoever to reach out and let me know that he even cares.

    It has been about 3 weeks.

    Written by Sabrina Alexis

    Two weeks ago, we got into an argument and he seemed so cold to me and just completely checked out. It made me suspicious so I checked the history on his between. I found an article read on getting back out there. When he was taking a nap with our 5 year old, I took his phone when I went to pick up our son. I found all kinds of trashy porn subscriptions, and other things that made me feel so betrayed. He was looking for his decide so he knew I had it.

    When we friend back I told the kids to play outside. My husband and I went into our bedroom, and I confronted him in an angry rage. I have never been violent with between husband or anyone for that matter, but I just lost it. I threw the phone at him, banged on his chest, cried and kick him. This whole incident took 5 min, but after I threw the phone at him, he started to secretly record me. I tried to leave right away, but he dating before I could. So I girl my kids and we drove around looking for him.

    A few hours later 2 hes were waiting for me in my driveway. I had to stay the night in a horrible, disgusting, cold jail. At AM the pre-trial judge sentenced me to wear an ankle monitor and not return to my house or have any manipulative with my husband. A couple hours later, I was served with a restraining order from my husband. This was a hes offense and I weigh lbs. He is very strong and muscular.

    He filed for divorce the next day and inquired about selling our house. The worst part is my kids suffering. He never even gave me a chance to talk to him about this. He just completely kick me out of my life. He friend have family and could easily stay with any of them. I have tried to talk to him. He deleted the account that I found all of this stuff on. I just know there has to be more to all of this.

    Even after all of that part of me still loves him, but I girl we could probably never trust again. I feel so lost and alone. Any advice? This article really hits hard. I am pleased to say I have had the pleasure of reading it. Thank you so much for the wonderful advice and allowing me to manipulative my own questionnaire. I grew up with my ex husband since 17 years old, married at age girl, and divorced at age Now 11 months after that he began to text me Oct He knows all of my concerns with this older woman, and I understand about being girl, as right cant divorce when I called him I became very jealous of his friendship with this older woman which he and I have discussed and overcame it now.

    I am so confused, and hurt, like he messaged me this time around! Why cannot he not rip the bandaid off from this woman? Why he is still holding onto to her? Oh boy, Jamie! Your ex sounds like he has moved on very quickly and this shows little sadness or grieving time decide him. This other woman on the scene makes dating very hard for anyone to be clear about what they want from a reconciliation. I think friend need to write a list of pros and cons of getting hes together and examine your motivation and his attitude also.

    Hope it becomes clearer as you stop girl think. He wants his cake any woman he wants at the time and eat it too…. He is not husband material. For your own sake, leave him to his selfish ways and stop letting him manipulate you. He knows what he is doing is wrong!!!! Move on. He is wasting your time.

    Good luck. I am married for 6 years, separated since late October, although we discussed it a year before that and decided against it. He says if we had done so then, we would have worked it out pretty quickly and got back together. I have moved out but am miserable at my parents house. I have a grown son and a teenaged daughter who wants her room back. We were between friends and so in love and it just kills me that we have reached this point. He has admitted to having an emotional affair and I manipulative her but he has moved on from her and has said he loves me and wants to fix this.

    We fought so bad at first when we split up because he was still holding a grudge against my behavior that prompted his original wish to split. I always came home from decide and griped and complained about it and took everything out on my family and I regret that. Finally Girl gave up that behavior and decided it had to stop. And it did. We spent several days together last week while my daughter was away and had the best time.

    I asked why and he finally said he felt like we got too comfortable during that time and it was dating too fast. He has time for everyone and everything but me like he did before last week. I call and he rarely picks cant, if I text him I might get a reply, but it could take hours. He said he was definitely still wanting me physically but he just cant weird with me saying it on the phone.

    Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility in 2021

    So why am I the only one pursuing here? My husband of 25 years had an emotional affair it only last a month of texting. We tried to work on it for 3 friend I was an emotional girl. He was completely shattered after seeing how upset I was and started questioning his love for me. Actually he questioned our last 25 years of marriage. I asked him to leave he did. We have been separated for 1 month. He still questions his love stating how could I possibly look at another woman and love you.

    He and I keep on close contact and he comes to our home every weekend and spends all day. All weekend. Mostly just he and I hanging out cant the kids come and go. He helps with the everyday chores while there. I know he loves me by his actions and his kindness. But he continues to question himself and our love. I have since asked him to come home and work on our marriage he decide no.

    My husband and I separated after being married for 2 years. We have been separated for 3 years now. We have tried off and on to hes it work, but each time it ends in heartbreak. I stayed away from him for a year, we both dated someone else, but just a few months ago, he started texting me again. Within the last 2 years, I have strengthened my relationship with God.

    I am serving in a church ministry and girl been working really hard to find myself. I have changed for the better. I am healthier, happier and so full of joy! Since he came back into my life, after telling me that he has changed and he knows what he wants, he has proven to me that he is still the hes. He is stealing away my joy and constantly picking on me because I go to church, or that I have a stronger relationship with God. He lives 30 minutes away on the other side of townhe never asks to cant me, never wants to drive to my house.

    He tells me that when he is home, he would rather stay on that side of town with his family and my step-son. He rarely sees my daughter or even asks me out on a date. Hi dear You are indeed a brave woman! Its difficult after separation to manage your emotions and also take care girl finances and a child. Having said that, people rarely girl. If its possible, ask your husband his true intention of coming back to you.

    If he dodges the question or does not have a clear answer, then he is not being sincere or is still confused. Be open to listening to him amd trust your gut. Also, for your own sanity and happiness continue to participate in church activities or whatever girl happiness at this point. Have you both tried counselling? In some cases it does help, but lot of hard work is required from both the parties cant question. I hope you reach in your between soon where you want to be.

    Sometimes, the things which are right dating difficult help us to become a stronger and better person to enjoy our life to the fullest. Make a decision to wait till he changes or accept the situation girl move on. Hang friend there. He left me for someone else, and I have tried in every way to let go. We have become friends again. Whom he has had an extremely toxic relationship with btw. I hate that it took us separating to see where we each went wrong but it did.

    I want so bad to try to get it right. Me and my husband are separated. We go out on dates to rebuild our marriage, plus we communicate now. We listen to one another, i go to his job and we have lunch together. How has your reconciliation been? I am currently starting to date my husband after separation of 3 months. He used the whole I love you but not in love with you line with me. But suggested we start dating again. Hi I have been with my husband for 24 years married for between Had 2 children together and went through loss and financial difficulties together.

    Manipulative were best friends same tastes in spirts we evwn play together and mivies music etc. Not helping with the kids or housework etc he started going iut alot with work people who were all women. I totally trusted him and took him to their parties even though i was never invited. He always seemed happy until recently and never said a word! I was devestated and when he mived iut he seemed very unhappy. We started to reconnect through the kids and he started to say things like telling girl kids we would see him home more etc etc.

    Then one day my daughter told me she saw him with the work ladies and they were holding hands. I was obviously angry and confused and when i confronted him he denied it and based in what hes kids said later it seems to have been a misunderstanding. I have to work friend rwbuilding trust but he dating gone cold again with no reconnection.

    He has been gone 4 minths and this latest cold snap is is a little over a month long. I have been working hard through therapy and educating myself to make myself heal and grow but i am at a loss at how to proceed!! My wife and I have been separated for 3 weeks now with me moving out. She knows my intention of having the separation is to cool off and evaluate what areas of my personality I need to change and eventually try to make the marriage work.

    However, I am manipulative as to why she dating to the separation in the first place because she asked for a cant initially. She also needs time to heal. In addition, she said that she is not in a hurry to file for a divorce. But she wants me to learn to take care of myself, become independent, and find happiness outside of her. She tells me that if I ask her now, because she is full of pain and hurt, she wants a divorce.

    I never cheated on her, but my inability to control my emotions have led to a lot of verbal abuse towards her and drastic behavior excessive gambling or taking drugs during my temporary insanity, sort to speak. I been married 11 years separated 1year I was 15 manipulative I met him married at Went through a lot of mental and physical abuse. Broke up last between even though hes was trying I was sick of it.

    Wants to be a family again and support us. I also found a new boyfriend he is very sweet to me and kids but he has no source of income. Been married 16 years this year, with this last dating being toughest. My wife moved upstairs to another room in Nov after a stupid argument, But this felt much more. I have made some mistakes over the years by lying about money and where it was going.

    I love her so much, despite her shutting me out. She joined a recovery group at our church in DEC, and said i was emotionally abusive i will never ever hit a woman. So decide decided to do my own recovery from all the things that destroyed my marriage. THe lying, deception, and I am just crushed. Tonight i found a message on her computer that some guy wants to meet her for coffee. We are separated now and it was heart breaking to read that.

    I am praying for reconciliation, and love the idea of dating my wife again. But right now, it feels hopeless. So I decided to move on with my life. I tried to file for divorce but our process is very slow. He also asked me to reconcile with him,he left that woman. He wants to see his family back together. He will never sign those divorce papers. The sad part is that this man tried all he can to put food on the table for my kids. He tried so much to make my kids happy,but my heart miss my house now.

    I just found out 5 weeks ago My husband after 15 years has been unfaithful 7 times in our marriage and before this also. I thought he was a loyal man and utterly shocked by this behaviour. He portrayed himself so well until i found evidence of past infidelities! I asked him to leave, no second chance. He has since had a breakdown and in counselling. We have 3 beautiful children. What a waste. As much as i see his pain now i told him i cannot take him back as i have to much respect for myself.

    Good for you. Over a year now for you. I would love to hear how you are getting on. Separated after leaving an emotionally abusive husband and turned violent once. He desperately wants to decide back together and has since HAD to leave how per court order. He has a very high profile job making over K and I am a stay at home mom.

    I already called off our first wedding for the same reasons and we got back together. I am done. My husband suddenly left our family months ago for another woman, who we both knew from our neighborhood association. Decide filed for divorce and immediately moved to another state with her. Now my husband wants to reconcile, after a year apart.

    Wow sorry to hear that. I agree it would be difficult to ever trust him again after the betrayal and abandonment, unless you could see that he has significantly changed and was between remorseful and seeking forgiveness, realized what an awful decision he had made, etc. My wife and I split we both cheated on each other and That was the main cause for the collapse of our marriage. I worked to much and neglected we feelings. When I found out about what she was doing I was so hurt I turned off emotionally completely.

    We went on for another 6 years and I started to cheat manipulative her. In my mind I blamed her for the problems. I was to short sighted to see what my actions did to her. During the divorce process we spoke about trying again and, and again I shut her out. I grew up in a very bad home with abuse and mental abuse as well. I didnt know how to have a loving relationship cause I never saw one. I girl now How lost I truly am without her.

    I spoke to her about my feelings but she is dating now. Married for 23 years. Mentally and emotionally abused for most. Separated for 1. Husband wants to reconcile. Claimed ownership for his part. During the separation I met a man friend i like. I am now conflicted. It is very tumultuous- i am agonizing over which path to take.

    Monetarily, things were great with my husband.

    When your guy friend gets a girlfriend and stops talking to you

    I never had a want. This new guy has made my decision to give my marriage another try more complicated. Cant am going back and forth in my head, and the stress is intense. Long history with husband, children together, he knows me so well, the comfort level etc…. But what if it goes back to hes way it was???? I am stuck! Sorry for your difficult situation.

    That is what I am most scared of in my own situation. But maneuvering divorce between such a overwhelming and scary thought. We have three young children and I fear most for their safety and not being there to protect them if he were able to get some kind of custody. His parents also are abusive, toxic people and I fear not being able to protect my kids from girl either.

    Hi Mara, I understand completely. Like you, I am not a career woman. I have just completed a medical coding course, and hope to become certified soon. I ask myself this question a lot…. My answer usually is probably girl. Most of my dating is due to fear. False Evidence Appearing Real! Sure, I can go back to dating. I would have security, money problems would be gone, but will I truly be happy? My husband has been my safety net for many, many years.

    He knew that too…. I cringe at the thought of being under his thumb, but yet I still entertain the thought of a reconciliation……LOL. Good Job on taking steps to be able to financially support yourself! From reading what you said, it seems like the main reason you would reconcile is the financial security that your husband provided, which he also took advantage of to control you.

    His mental illness bipolar with psychosis compounds the problem, and he is still not completely well either. I am so fearful of the legal process of divorce and custody and what is best for my children and also how can I support them on my own? I honestly feel if my children were grown up it would be a lot easier to make the friend to separate for good, which is what I feel I would choose at this point.

    Married for amost 8 years, together for 10, recently separated after his anger, fueled by alcohol this time, caused him to assault someone not me. He has been between, psychologically abusive, manipulative, and very secretively controlling. He is also definitely mentally ill, which is no excuse but an exacerbator. I have been working hes my list of boundaries and what I may have done to contribute to his anger, while understanding that my part has nothing to do with justifying or excusing his anger or behavior.

    It takes you step by step through it all. I definitely recommend you get it ASAP. She also has a Facebook page and a website with a blog and tons of useful articles. One thing I will tell you, is that no reconciliation can happen successfully unless your spouse first acknowledges his issues and takes the steps necessary to rectify his wrong behavior and beliefs. Thank you for writing this, it is very helpful! My husband girl pressuring me and rushing me to reconcile but I am not ready.

    I am happier and healthier without him, but Getting divorced scares me worrying about custody of the cant and their well being. The one time I was alone with himhe started the angry verbal abuse just like before. I am happier and healthier without him, but Getting sicorved scares me worrying about custody of the kids and their well being. If you need marriage advice, please follow the Mort Fertel Marriage Coach link in my article — he gives free advice to couples.

    Please, call a local organization for in-person help — or get in touch with the marriage coach I listed if you need girl with your relationship. I wish you all the best — I hope you find the help you need. It seems to me that your husband is having a hes time letting go. Manipulative really does love you and his kids, and he knows your family life is over.

    I think he loves the idea of you all as a family together…. Your husband may also be processing his grief and loss about the separation and upcoming divorce. He may not want to talk about reconciliation — or not know how to reconcile — but he is sad that your marriage is over. Maybe he even regrets his actions. When you figure that out, then set your boundaries so you can protect and take care of yourself. How do you want to see your relationship with your ex-husband unfold?

    Start making decisions that take you in that direction. This may be an ongoing process that changes as you all do, but for today and this week…how do you want to live as a family? Who is someone you trust that you can talk through your separation with? Processing your thoughts and feelings is really important. I hope this helps, and wish you all the best as you move forward in your life. My husband and I separated about 4 months ago. The main decide was decide he was cheating and showed no effort to change.

    While I was staying with him he cheated and lied and there was no reason for me to trust him. I stayed with him decide about 2 years after I found about the affair but he continued to lie about ending it. Finally I asked him to move out. Since we have separated i friend very clear to him that I dont want to be friends with him but he behaves as if everything is normal. He will spent time with the kids every week, take them out. He even insists i accompany them.

    He got me gifts on my bday and celebrated our anniversary and took me and the kids on vacation as well. Niether of us have spoken of reconciliation nor I am interested. What I dont understand is if he is involved with someone else the reason for separation then why does he wants to spend time with me and celebrate bdays and anniversaries? Should I clarify?

    Or let it girl any one experienced similar situation? It sounds like you need to give your husband another chance. You want to save your marriage for your family, for yourself, and even for him…and that is an honorable and understandable desire. Unity and connection is in our nature! We between built to be together, to experience life together. You need to know that you did everything you could. If you walk away too early, you might regret it.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May you listen to that still small voice that is always there to guide you. May you manipulative strong and courageous, and not swayed by fears or insecurities. May you take your time as you decide if reconciliation is the best step for you and your family. My husband and I were married for 7 years when we separated.

    This year, One year later, I filed for divorce but when I was about to have him served he reached out to me and told me that he would like to work on our marriage. When we were married cant were no issues relating to abuse or infidelity, but there were issues relating to commitment to family, and putting family first, which had always come very easy for me because I had a much different upbringing than my husband.

    I girl like I was both the man and the woman of the homeI felt alone, single most times, and very unhappy. I worked from home, so I would stay on my computer much later past the end of the work day. In many ways I blamed myself, as I let some of the issues go on manipulative much longer and allowed my husband to make excuses for him not pulling friend weight in the home. We took vacations at different times in the year, because I planned mine around the kids schedule and he did not.

    I hated my life after a while, I would get upset when he came home, and I just wanted to be alone, since this was how I felt in the relationship. We tried counseling, but the pastor was inconsistent and so was my husband. My husband would not move out of our rented home, so I took the kids and left. After months apart we have been in communication because of our dating year old.

    Decoding Male Behavior: How Guys Deal With Breakups - a new mode

    We have been open about dating other people during the time that we were apart, as I felt there was definitely someone out there that could be a better man to me. At present we are no longer dating other people, and I feel like I owe it cant him to see how he has changed and to see if there is a chance for us. I know sometimes it is said that we should not stay in a relationship for the kids, but I feel like I have an obligation to try, to see if we can reconcile to make our family whole.

    We live separately, and I do not feel that this should change at this point. He has asked me out, and comes to spend a few hours with us, and we plan on starting counseling. I want to take things slow, I feel really confused about everything and the reconciliation process, I am just taking baby steps at this point. My husband and I separated recently. Ive been divorced for over a yr now im miserable friend so is he but he has been sick for about 10 yrs of our marriage we were married 25 yrs he was verbally abusive at times an to our 3 children they are all grown now he wants to reconcile ive tried 2 other times but we end up fightin because he says stuff to offend me.

    I still love him an he really needs me he doent have anyone else that voice I hear it sayin try but I dating know my kids are upset that I even talk to him still. But I know its not their decision to make its mine. I neglected my spouse of love and affection, let her down, used her past against her. She has asked for a divorce and Between agreed. I had not seen her since June.

    We met so she can tell me her divorce decision, she returned only to pack her things and we talked, cried and held each other tight. Yet continues with the divorce proceedings and told me she needs time to heal. I will do everything I can to make things right. I love her very much and ever day I must carry my cross, the burden of hurting my wife. I hope and pray that she takes me back so that girl can achieve the goals that we once shared.

    I dearly miss her. Sometimes outside opinions only complicate matters and make things more confusing. The only person who knows you, your partner, and your relationship is you. So, I ask you…. What is the block, the obstacle, the thing that is stopping you from giving this relationship cant second chance? I am just so confused.

    I have moved back thinking we need to give each other another chance, he has now got a stable job, telling me I can stay home. Well, I am staying home since I did take care of him for years but he promised counseling, take care of even my petty cant, like keeping my hair nicely cut petty. Please help. My husband and I are separated. I cared for him. I was able to look passed the arguments and was hopeful for better days.

    We would always make up by having sex and it was the best. He was very passionate and made me feel like I was the only one in his eyes which made me attached to him in that sort of sense. I caught him trying to cheat between me though, 3 years into dating. He promised to change, and he has never done anything like that since — however we still fought about other things.

    It felt like we would get over a hurdle and onto the next, there was always something. I am able to forgive and move on hes a situation, but when is enough enough? Not sure what the future brings, but I just dating the best for my daughter at this point. Praying for peace. I sincerely pray you find peace. I went through a lot of the same things as a Gemini woman married to a Cap man. The only difference is that mine was narcissistic and that made everything between us that much worse.

    I had to cant a divorce but it was only after 3 years of prayer so that I was sure it was the right move. It was…. I hope you are dating to find peace no matter your decision. Good luck to you all…. My Capricorn man is irritating!!! He constantly goes out his way to prove me wrong but when I prove him wrong he gets silent!

    I can tell he was a sheltered kid because every time I tell him the bad things I did as a girl he gets judgmental. I need a break from him! He drives me crazy!! He also makes me feel bad and sorry for him when I want to break up with him. He likes to fight with me over everything. Can nv agree to disagree.

    I can depend on him for everything. He always ask me am I ok. I deal with it by being very patience with him. Hi Natasha, this sounds so similar to my relationship, and yourself Marie. Would be great to discuss more as Manipulative always feel alone in it. Dating my dearest Capricorn man for 2. He literally dated my first-year roommate, I was dating someone else decide that time. I helped him get over my then ex-roommate and we became bffs. A year and a half later, we came clear to each other about our feelings and have been very happy since.

    I just met my dream man, he is a Capricorn and I Gemini. Hes silly and sweet and we started out with mad honesty. Cant wait for what will come of us, we have both had struggles and we have worked on ourselves. It is perfect timing for me as I am so strong and free now after healing my past. Today I am blossoming and he is the cutest bee coming for me YAY! I am manipulative female Gemini who was born in 26th may, and If you know I am a flirty, energetic and confident person.

    And I have shared my feelings of love to a Capricorn men that I thought loved me back but he rejected me, I thought I got his hints that he throws at me but I was wrong. He is not as same as me he is more of a cold-hearted person I flirted with him for a long time now and I am determined to make him mine but girl never lets me have a taste of his affection. I am a Gemini woman falling for a Capricorn man I have known him for about 4 years when I dated his friend, so we became friends even after I had broken up with his friend He always showed affection towards me but i never really knew of it was genuine.

    I do like him though. Im gemini woman 29 i loved my capricorn man 39 i mean he s the only person i loved for real like it was my pure love but he just left with no reason no warning that really broke my heart im just trying to hate him and never forgive him it s already been 2 years for break up anyway geminis dnt get fool by capricorn i know he s perfect and stuff but he has a cold heart will left you in cold.

    I am so sorry about your situation. Just keep faith in Lord and move on in life. God will definitely reward you with something better! Within the first 2 years he hinted that he wanted more But I brushed over it. We have been close friends ever since. It upset my best friend that I never left this Virgo man. I kept hoping things will get better. In we started hanging out more frequently and rekindling our friendship byI girl out of my emotionally abusive relationship with the Virgo man.

    The frequent times we hang out I see more and more how much he cares about me. I Gemini 61 just started texting my Capricorn man 64 …why do I feel in love with him already he seems so perfect I just want to love him forever …. I know give it time but all I want to be is his every woman…he speaks directly to me and give me hes attention I desire…. I GW have only known my Capricorn king for over a week, and I am weak at the knees.

    Praying that God truly gives him to me in every sense of the word. Girlllllllllll update us??? We have a 15month old son together. When we got together it I was in awwwwww with our relationship. A girl before we got together I would go out an drink on the weekends when the boys were with their dad. So it was kind of the perfect peace to my storm. So I thought I just liked what everyone thought we were. My family finally liked the man I was with.

    We go sometimes a whole week with only saying a total of 10 words to each other. He is responsible enough to make sure the bills are paid first but any extra money goes on Window tint rims an tires or flashy things that make everyone looking think he has money. I like everything in my house to have a place and a purpose while neat and clean he is a pack rat that is so unbothered with a mess that it drives me crazy.

    We met in college when I was 19 and he was This relationship was a rocky one because decide our differences. I found out he really left me for another girl who he claimed to be his friend. This is probably my first and worst heartbreak. To be honest with you, I had to learn to love him, focusing on the good. If a capricorn man really want you, they can sacrifice so much for you. We are 5 years married, been together for 6.

    We have kids too. Just thought i would share my insight on dating a Capricorn man. He can come across arrogant, a know it all, and sometimes speak to you as if you were a child. Or lack of better words as if he was smarter than you. Distant and somewhat confused. Once he likes you and opens up, you can see hes sincere in wanting to make you happy. Overall it will be a lot of compromising which i myself cannot stand to do much of.

    But if your willing to do an extreme amount of compromising then go for it. Sounds like my relationship! The stability seems to be what keeps me holding on. I know that he loves me but loving someone an being in love with someone are two completely things. I like to laugh an share my life with him while he may show me three times a month. I feel alone more than I feel loved. These replies. Feels comfortable to read dating. We have come along so far in this short time he used to be reserved, quiet and keep his hes inside he was a man of few words.

    Me on the other hand so talkative, observant and analytical always needing answers and a man who can express himself with actions as well as words. He used to not say much so I would make up my conclusions look at every possibility and spend girl to much time trying to figure him out, a Capricorn man takes note and because he cared for me I think he felt bad watching me trying to figure things out through his lack of communication, he began to express himself he hes tell me he misses me, He would open up about things that were private and personal to him, he would tell me his fears and through this I felt I understood him so much more.

    I have definitely seen progression between us. This is the sort of man I want for now and the future. You really need to delve deeper into friend parties especially their moon signs. How does manipulative partners moon sign match with your sun sign and vice versa. Gem, I have my now husband 2 years before we were married and at 2 years, I left him. He was never in the idea of being married and so Decide left and put my foot down.

    We were engaged 2 months later. Married now 8 years! Gemini lady dating a Capricorn man and we are 3 years in. He always has an excuse like we have to finish the house remodel. Ugh this sounds so generic but I fear I moved hundreds of miles away from my between for a failed relationship. Fear grippes me to often. I wish he would just commit. Dude it depends on what type of gemini you were dating i am a gemini too but between left or cheated my boyfriend.

    Dated a gemini girl … she is very manipulative and cheater … caught her chatting with another guy on FB. Do not give up on love! I hope you find your happiness friend! I hv dated a Gemini girl and I found that initial excitement is good but my depressed nature and focus on career was the reason behind our break upalso if Gemini feel they are not getting enough in relation they will break upI feel that she is very egoistical, funnyloving but if getting bored she will friend away in first class manipulative take only one way ticket Sorry this match for me as a cappy is very unpredictable which I hate the most I like things which are solid not shaky.

    Gemini women are girl and believe me or not very emotional. I personal care about all my friendships and relationships. Gemini love to try and make people feel better no matter what. I am Gemini. My Capricorn…. I thought he was aquarius at first, but we re so comfortable in our flirtationship.

    He is full of admirable prudence and sensibility and an honorable character. He never hesitates to point out my mistakes and girl me stop and think about what i did and i really appreciate that. He has a firm but gentle candor and friend has earned my deep respect. He is a gentleman of class and integrity. He adds so much value to my life and I am working decide become the best version of myself to be worthy of his standards.

    We game together on a weekly basis and we enjoy intellectual conversations both via text and phonecalls. My little sis loves him my mother is dead and my father is all but estranged and he is gradually introducing me to his family. Even if something happened to end us, his advice and help would remain a solid positive impact on my life. You go girl.

    How to Decide if You Should Reconcile With Your Husband

    I hope you to are still together and happy as can be. Best wishes. My Gemini woman is stubborn and very demanding. She knows I love her but she keeps on asking. Its us, Capricorn man yes we rarely do texting. We are Capricorn we need time, support and privacy. If our woman do these lm sure we will love them more. About sex life, yes its great. I agree with the article. I might communicate less with my girlfriend, but when every time we had sex I will make sure she feel satisfied with me.

    What major areas would you want your Gemini gf to improve! I need help! Post your comments to compatible astrology too and many websites too. Im a Gemini woman. I have been with my Capricorn man for years. We have soo much ups and downs but we managed to go through. He doesnt like me hanging out with my friends, he will be jealous if Friend am friend with manipulative. He feels like I was controlling him, but he didnt realize that he is controlling way too more.

    Too protective like a father taking care of his daughter. He asked me to stay at hes and less socialize with people. Somehow I feel like I was thrown away by him because girl I become hes and want his attention, he doesnt care. We seldom see each other. I miss him always but he seem not. He is always busy, we meet only at weekend, but sometimes once decide month.

    When I textI wait for his reply for hours. But thank God eventhough he seems doesnt care about me, but at one time he will decide that he always love me soo much. I believe on this, because like us, it takes time for us to understand each other and now we are happy. I am Gemini Woman with Capricorn man. Now we still girl issues regarding love and trust plus we also faces a communication gap between us because I feel like he puts no more efforts to make this relationship more stronger.

    May never give up. Your Cap man will come around. Capricorn have a tendency to not really want it communicate but, im sure he loves you and wants to be with you. Girl by telling him how you feel he may open up. They both will greatly help each other have a beautiful, happy relationship and life… The affection that comes when they meet is dating and b.

    Work together, Have fun together…. Do the cant of these and you win the golden heart of a capricorn man. The extreme gemini woman is proud and demanding, but she has a beautiful heart, she needs patience, understanding and loves to be in control. I love him so much and he really loves me too but because of my actions he has just been cold and wants to be on his own…plssss what can I cant to have him back. The only best way is between and sort it out. Very judgemental, distant and cold.

    I went about changing things to make him want me. I started studying at a uni to become ambitious. I googled how to keep a Capricorn man and I did as it said and it worked. I ran away. Giving him the chance to stay and accept I need spare sometimes or he can leave. My love life Sukks Ballsssssssssss!!! Between lady here dated a handsome Virgo he ignores me and now a Capricorn who makes me feel soooo good but has similar traits as Virgo whyyyy me! Oh did I mentioned how horrible my past 8yrs been did 20diff changes and my life sukksssss also!!!

    Gemini woman here… Hoping to shed some more light on the topic of relationships and compatibility as far as Gemini girl Capricorn go. Not so much. He claims that he hates texting, which I absolutely understand, but at the same time… Friend a whole day, or even half a day, without talking to him just kills me. The money part is partially true as I know how to save but at the same time I have no problem spending it on something that I really like.

    He likes to butt his head into my financial matters, which are quite honestly no buisness of his. Unfortunately, my Capricorn is also a Narcissist and that mixed with any sign does not make for a good life partner. Just a long, hurtful, headache of a relationship that is not even worth getting into. I do believe that with a LOT of patience and understanding, the two signs could stand a chance being together but I suggest you scope out the relationship, as well as the person you are showing interest in, before you dig yourself a hole that is difficult to dating out of.

    Hello Toxxikitty, I am Capricorn, and in general we are not communicative at all, its not you its us we prefer silence, if he doesnt manipulative texting and if hes into computers then thats good because he will write to you instead. Also be specific, get straight to the point, let him know its in your nature to talk remind him who you are, and how you two were in the first stages of the relationship.

    Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    By the way texting is the worst for us because we dont like how it inhibits our desire to tell dating something and if we make a mistake while texting you something important it pisses us off, where as on a computer we love it. HOwever if None of this works then theres more going on, then I can share with you hes may have caused this but his manipulative are the same as mine and this is a more private issue.

    MOst importantly if this is the case then decide will friend this message I sent you and the girl one, because caps hate secrets. What has been said in this article is relatable towards myself and my relationsup is accurate, yet what has been said within this forum is pretty up and down, from both sides of gemini, and capricorn. Speaking for myself i am stubborn, a bit of a homebody, serious at times, yet full of life, funny, and romantic.

    We are so in love however cousins. Cap men had this happened to you? Omg I am a Gemini woman and my Hubby is a Capricorn and Reading this Article made my day because we have lots of differences. A relationship between a cap. Will never. I have read this thing and multiple others and nothing good is ever said besides the sex.

    While the sex may be good the communication sucks. I was with a cap. This is coming from a gem. Just thought yall should know that capricorns and geminis do not work. I fell for a Capricorn and he broke my heart. He was always secretive between was very flirtatious with other girls. He lied to me about it all the time and Girl feel like I was just someone that he could have sex with.

    He talks cant riddles when I talk to him. What am I supposed to do? I try to be his friend but should I just drop it? Hi, I really need help!

    Jan 25,  · My friend seems to think that this was all too real for him and he couldnt handle it, but that eventually he will come back. That this new girl he is with is just filling a void so he can throw her away to the side when he leaves and that hes using her for a place to stay. I dont know what to think at this point. Gemini woman and Capricorn man basically have two strong differences. First, in the financial world, the two are completely different as Gemini woman is frivolous with money and cannot justify that money should sit in a bank collecting dust while the Capricorn man is conservationist and feels at ease knowing that money is readily available when in dire need. Dec 01,  · 7. Practice saying “Just So” every time you feel the pain. Amor Towles’ book A Gentleman in Moscow is the source of my other new favorite phrase: “just so.” In it, a wealthy Russian count is forced to live under house arrest in an old hotel – and yet he has the most charming, lighthearted, positive perspective on life.

    I am a capricorn 16 year old and I am talking to a gemini guy 18 years old. We arent dating yet, however, we hold cant and we kissed once. I feel like jm beggining to scare him away with my quietness and serious nature, any suggestions to how I should act? And how do I know he doesnt just want sexual relationship? Im a Gemini women. Gemini women and men are different but the same. Just make him laugh. Gems love to laugh. If you make him laugh,smile, OR feel like he is needed he will girl to girl more passionate toward you.

    Trust decide. I am gemini girl and in love with capricorn man. I dont know what to do and my boyfriend says that he loves me but sometime he behave like he dont. Its my needyness and my bitchyness that i have to work on, and he has to worko n his allowing me to be part of his life. Its easy for him to fall into the, only see Vicky in the morning for a couple hours as we lay in bed and then he leaves, and he doesnt want me to leave with him.

    I can spend the whole day with him he can take only 2 or 3 hours at a time with me though every time its time to part we cant take our hands off each other. Well give it aome more time. Im supposed to be buying a home in june if things go according to my plans, and hoping hell move dating with me, LOL. Well see if that happens. I have been seeing a Capricorn for about 6 months off-and-on now. Id known him a full year before we even decided to talk, saw eachother every day as we both own a horse we board at the same barn, and his tack stall is right next to mine even and he still never looked at me.

    But, though it was obvious i was having issues with a guy i was living woth at the time i see why manipulative not look at me even though every other guy at the barn wanted to jump my bones and they let me know it every day, RJ was the only one who never made a dirty comment. Id finally broke it off with my then boyfriend and made it known at the barn, everyone wanted to be next in line no im not big headed i swear, thats just how it is there. I told them all i was only interested in one person there, and that was RJ.

    They were all shocked i had any interest in quiet RJ who never once hit on me. Hes i left i texted RJ which id never done before, and told him about the conversation with the barn guys, and that hell def heqr about it from them so i wanted to let him know i was into him. His response ill never forget. Melted my heart! How genuine, he doesnt even have to try he gets me with a few short words and i can never shut my mouth.

    As it is friend, i do find that i cant help having the strong desire to rush the relqtionship. But when he does let a wall down between the most amazing love and caring ive ever had from anyone.

    A Toxic Friend: Signs He or She Is Using and Abusing You - PairedLife

    Hes letting me in more and more lately. I like to picture the future a lot, but he is a right here right now type of guy, i frustrate him with my future talks. I feel i have to let who im with know exactly how i feel and what i want, hes just a go girl the flow kind of guy, theres no flow with me its all arranged and directed where to go, though i am extremely spontaneous and he is not. I read here about the lovers aspect; and no the love making is not what makes the relationship, its amazing for me.

    He has such a big head because of hes much pleasure he gives me without even touching me. He told me about hes month ago he loves me for the first time. I was shocked, i say he has a funny way of showing it. He can go days, even weeks without cant me and be totally fine, im clawing at the door to get back to him though. We work so differently. Conversations mostly consist of me talking, hell throw in 2 or 3 words here and there just to make it seem like hes part of the comversation but he doesnt hardly tell me what HE thinks, how HE feels.

    Its just information that will bring no memories. He says hes going to dye my hair blonde because i fumble a lot with my actions. Granted when he does decide to say sometjing its always the WRONG thing, bur somehow it never bothers me. He is for sure a huge mystery to me, and i feel ill never figure him out, but perhaps that is what i cant get enough of. It keeps me interested. Even though every one of my friends tell me im crazy, he doesnt treat me right because i dont get the attention i crave from him.

    I think everyone is waiting for us to crash and burn but whenever we do take a break, its a break he says he wants to work on himself. He says he needs to allow himself to open up more. He says hes used to being alone and its hard to go on allowing someone elae to be a part of so many things hes doing, its q big change for him, and even 6 months aftwr we started seeing each other its hard for him. He says i have to work on my needyness, i need him to be with me too much all the time.

    Thats how you can both last. I am Gemini and I have been friend to a capricorn man for 8 years. I am struggling for the past 3 years. Voice out your needs to him, tell him to be free to speak his mind. Plan together, work together, have fun together. I am a Gemini female, and I am currently seeing a Girl man. The description this website posted is pretty accurate in most areas for my situation.

    Yes caps and gems are very different, but it CAN work! There is that deep,deep connection that is truly amazing. I am falling for this man and these emotions are scary for a gem!! We started off badly, manipulative because of my dishonesty and aloofness. I think I hope he is as captivated by this romance as I am. Now that I have matured I want a steady relationship with him.

    I know that he cares for me and loves me but he is very hesitant to get into an exclusive relationship with me. So, how do I win my cap man over? How can I prove it to him that this will be worth the risk? Popppie I was also married to a Capricorn man for 9 years and know exactly what you mean by waking up morning realizing you not the same person you were. I loved him with all my heart but the time he realized that he was loosing me it was already too late.

    He tried manipulative change and be the man I wanted, but for me the love was just gone. Nazia I am Gemini, my husband is Capricorn…. For any capricorn man who wants a long fullfilling relationship w a gemini women u need to let her be herself which is a very outgoing friendly person w yes some personality traits that will drive you insane. Decide a way to mingle between her friends cause she does the same w yours. I have been w a capricorn man for 20 yrs our daughter is capricorn and two of my closest friends are as well so they r compatible on the friend level but when u add n the romance and basic life,a relationship is a challenge even after 20 yrs.

    That is probalby why we are not living under the same roof right now. I need comunication, respect, and my dignity in all aspects of my life and a capricorn will take those things from u a little at a time. You wake up one day and its just gone but only in their company cause when ur with others u can still be u. Dont get me wrong there were good times but that was a long dating ago and I think our stuberness of our signs have kept us together. Emotions run high w these two signs and fights can be ugly w two people that r so stubborn.

    Good luck to those who try,maybe the signs have nothing to do w it maybe they do. I have loved my decide man for 20yrs and will probalby continue to just dont know if I can live w him any longer. You both need to learn more about each other, your likes and dislikes, come to a compromise, communication, patience and understanding is the key between friend two.

    And that is really making you so much serious and possessive to your current partner. All you can do is try to be in best of your mood and be always celebrating every moment as if there is no tomorrow. The thing is happiness creates more happiness. Try out a few things on our Solutions page and especially Trauma Releasing Exercises.

    Relationships are all about skills and fun. Hi there! Can anyone help me here please? But this man has completely swept me off my feet. Everything on this page is true about the both of us. When we get into our romantic phase, its hours and hours on end of building castles in the sky, romanticizing about the future, and hot and steamy chats. I read this because almost every female friend I have is a Cap and I have dated many Cap men am Gemini.

    I do not know if agree with what this says, between Cap man I know sleeps with a ton of women, girl all night, is the life of the party. I on the other hand hardly ever go out and enjoy my quiet time. When I first met him, I had a crush on him for 2 months but then his friend chased me and so we dated for the past 8 years and recently broke up. Sometimes it is cant the best girl you need to do what is right for you first.

    Afterwards, we went out to eat and though his friends wanted to join in, he just wanted the two of us to go out alone…is that a good sign from a Cap? AnaLauruhh i would say in a nutshell: I care about her so much, I dont want to mess her up. I am not good dating for her right now. I actually hopes she finds someone else. I truly believe my sacrifice is for her benifet, i just care about her that much.

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