Dating site for flat earthers

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dating site for flat earthers

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  • Xper 7. No, countless satellitespace station and astronaut photographs and videos have shown the Earth is round. Some folks just want to seem important, seek their 15 minutes and buck 60 years of space exploration. Andres77 opinions shared on Other topic. I have no idea. I've been in enough extremely high flying aircraft to see the curvature of the earth so this whole idea is so stupid that it's not worth my time.

    I don't know why people even repeat the concept because it's SO stupid Show All Show Less. You actually take THEM serious? I don't know whether to laugh or to dating dismissive. Used to be we thought the world was flat. And they publish books about it. Or that the moon landing was a hoax. A best seller too. Guffrus opinions shared on Other topic. Well they may not have all the information, but Flat Earther's if there were such people and spoiler alert, there aren't, it was a joke from the beginning and no site didn't dating figure it out.

    Because they're crazy. There was a guy I used to work with that was a flat earther. He said he used to work on aircraft and something about the way some meter read on the aircraft was some kinda proof that the Earth was flat? Idfk that was a couple years ago now but the earthers was definitely whacky. People that say the earth is flat are a special sort. Losers with a capital L. Mostly just trolling, I suppose. But I've read flat few of their books and been to some of their seminars.

    There is a community there, just not one for normal folks. Sort of like the FSM cult, though not as weird. SlightlyEccentric Xper 6. I've personally never met any of these self-professed "flat earthers" in my life. Site I did know someone once who claimed that dinosaur bones were put on the planet by earthers devil in order to make people question god. EaterPeter opinions shared on For topic.

    Answer to g just for sake of fun. If earth is flat sun is for too and it flips upside down and travels back to start line hence its not visible exacfly the way back of the moon is not visible from the earth. Julielamar2 Xper 5. No wonder people think the earth is flat. After all there are many people who believe in an invisible being, they call him God.

    I'd like for add a question to this, the space race was a big part of USA vs Russia why would either side compete in that but work perfectly together to defend the 'wall'. From you? No thanks! From yourself site you decide to learn. IncognitoBandito opinions shared on Other topic. Some are just crazy, others believe that flat perceptions are warped so we interpret facts about a spherical world in a hopeless manner. And some just like being contrarians.

    The-Wise-Phoenix 50 opinions shared on Other topic. Xper 6. Well it's very obvious. If the dating was round like earthers ball you would fall right off flat it. AndrewMG opinions shared on Other topic. Errr, probably due to a lack of education and an over confidence in there conspiracy theory ideas. ToastyOats 73 opinions shared on Other topic.

    dating site for flat earthers

    The evidence for a globe model is to great. Ill say we never went to the moon though. Overwhelming evidence that we never went. Pj Xper 5. I think they are looking for attention. Can't figure out why they would say that otherwise.

    [RPGM] Horny Mage Academy: Dark Tower [v] [HGameArtMan] | F95zone

    FlatsRunner Yoda. If it was actually flat.

    LeftHappy Xper 5. Because hundreds of years ago a theory came along that the earth was flat, so today they are just referring to the town criers that are wrong but want others to believe them! For 1. No clue. Id be willing to bet they are mostly trolls. Starman5 Xper 5. It has been hundreds of years since the earth was proved to be round.

    Are there still people who say earthers world is flat? Or guys who are dads of over In the most widely accepted scenario, the moon was created when a giant, planet-size body crashed into the early Earth; debris from the crash was captured by Earth's gravity. Another scenario site that the moon formed at the same time as Earth did again, thanks to gravity.

    Or, Earth's formidable gravity attracted and snagged the traveling hunk of space rock as it went hurtling by. Gravity is also responsible for Earth's layered structurewith the densest materials sinking to the core, lighter materials making up the mantle and the lightest materials forming the crust. Without this layered structure, the planet would dating a lot differently.

    Earth's liquid outer core, for example, acts as a giant, dynamic magnet, which creates the planet's magnetic field. The magnetic field helps protect the planet's atmosphere from the stripping effect of the solar wind, which scraped away Mars' atmosphere after that planet's magnetic field faltered 4 billion years ago. If the Earth were flatplate tectonics — the movement of rigid plates that make up the planet's crust — wouldn't work either, says James Davis, a geophysicist at the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory flat New York City.

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    Flat-Earthers spin different explanations for how all these observations could be possible on a flat planet. The problem, Davis says, is that these explanations don't have any basis in mathematics or physical reality. When Maxwell predicted in the s that Saturn's rings were made of lots of small particles, he did so by applying general knowledge of how gravity and rotational forces work. His essay on the subject, in fact, was mostly mathematical equations.

    Flat-Earth theories don't work that way, Davis says. Now everyone new I meet with the only subject that comes up to my mind 1st is the FE not much time is wasted that I questioned them about their perceptions of the world we live in, I still get most of them answering me that they believe to be on a spinning wobbling ball!!

    dating site for flat earthers

    So if I can talk to 5 person a day and change site opinion they originally had about Earth and these 5 person each talk to 5 more a day 25 the 1st day the second day the dating now I see hownew FE's. But I for to have one question of why we for heard anything in the mainstream media about the growing amount of people that are waking up to site reality of a FE. Why does NASA, is still faking spacewalkswhy does Obama still don't have time with a meeting with the FESI really hope that there will be some serious change in our way of treating the planet the way we are and all the people around us.

    Flat Eric, Thankyou for the incredible insight you have given me and my husband and teenage daughter about the flat earth earthers much more. WE bought and read your book my daughter still has to do that as part of her home education. I have come to this site tonight to see how I might contact dating and probably have not come to the correct place? I joined your research site a while back and went to have a look again this evening while my husband is out doing his Wing Earthers training flat a notice flashed up saying that I was banned from site??

    Jewish Dating - Find Jewish singles in all 50 states, Israel and Canada below. Israeli Jewish dating - Find Israeli Jewish Singles below Israeli Jewish Singles, Women Alabama Jewish dating - Find Alabama Jewish Singles below Alabama Jewish Singles, Men Alabama Jewish Singles, Women Alabama Jewish Singles, Men Dec 31,  · If a man is 40, is dating a pair of year-olds equivalent to dating one year-old? From a respectability standpoint, no. From a brag and go high-five your friends standpoint, yes. If . Nov 23,  · Many flat-Earthers put a great deal of effort into concocting alternative explanations for why the world behaves as if it's round when it's actually flat — even though a spherical Earth clearly.

    I'm not sure if there is a general problem or some mistake? I have not yet made any comment on the boards so can't imagine I have been able to upset anyone and imagine it tis a technical issue? As I can't go on the site to contact you I am trying this route. Admin must get such a bore for you so apologies for bringing this to you here, but I was really learning a lot from the posts there and hoping to start making a contribution. To IFERS members receiving banned messages, it seems there has been some kind of hack and I'm getting an influx of reports from genuine members getting ban messages even though they are in good standing on the forum : Earthers very sorry about this and don't know what to do.

    Many have used proxies to change their Site and can get back on the forum, however, so for now this is a temporary fix to the problem. Let me for if u have to move. Eric Thank you for the update regarding the forum! I was a little butthurt to be honest. I will heed your advice and hope to personally express to you my gratitude soon!

    Do you mean will have to discard my collection of "coprolite," "Dinosaur Dung? Thank you Eric for strengthening my dating. When talk about FE, most people think it's a square surface and you will be falling down when you reach the edge. I spread the words about the disk earth, and it's not rotating, among friends in my social network. Many years ago before i reach your articles, I never believe there are primitive stone age humans flat in the caves, hunting and eat raw meat.

    The Atlantean Conspiracy: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

    I believe Adam is the very first human, and very intelligent. I have a blog writing about all these greatest lies. For me, FE make more sense than RE, with logical explanations. I added oyu in my circle and will continue to read your works. Just the thought of the Tyrannosaurs Rex as an actual creature roaming around is hilarious to me! The "smarter than us idiots" at the museums can't even put together the much lighter casts of bones without using wires to keep them in place.

    The tiny little arms that the Rex had, flailing in the winds! That head must have been so heavy.

    What If the Earth Was Flat? | Live Science

    It just constantly dropped to the ground. The Rex just runs along like a bulldozer, with its' head and mouth open on the ground, inhaling small game for food! I actually believed this garbage as a child and well into my adult years! I found it interesting who was really behind "fossil fuels" and "peak oil. Even on "Suppressed-ipedia" it writes that the Rockefeller family "was guarding an embarrassing secret. John D lived to be 97 years old! Not too shabby back in those days!

    I hope many of you are aware that the Earth "magically" makes its oil.

    Young Earth creationism - Wikipedia

    It does not come from pockets of dead plant and animal matter. It is just deeper and harder to get to in some places, yes it is under your you reading this house to! The Earth's oil is very important for us, it was site to us for a reason. It can earthers very safely used for MANY purposes to make our lives better and healthier. Think back to grade school science for a moment. Almost everything you were taught was a lie. Here is something that wasn't.

    We humans breath out carbon dioxide and the flat and trees take it in and return oxygen to us. The plants and trees as long as we don't destroy all of them, dating are constantly replanting more will soak all that up and give us awesome, clean oxygen! Now here is where the problem is.

    Why Do People Say they Believe the Earth to Be Flat? - GirlsAskGuys

    The oil can only be broken down so much. Vegetable oil and water are quite natural, but don't mix well together! They then release this garbage back upon us because they have nowhere else to put it and they make TONS of money off it. They don't even need the money anymore, they earthers want to kill us off.

    Just look at what is going on in Flat, Michigan as well as many other areas around the world with OUR water supply. Sorry to get off topic Eric and friends. I do that a lot lately as my mind is spinning faster than ball Earth! Oil could be a wondrous gift to us if we actually had competent people in charge of it.

    Yes we can make cars that run on water. The problem there is that clean water is becoming a valuable flat. I would much rather use water to grow healthy foods! Now if we could use salt water as a fuel, I'm all for it! The problem here is that we will have TONS of yucky salt as a by-product. I'm not sure what we could do with all that salt? Yes, we could use it on roads where snow is abundant, but that salt then ruins farmlands.

    I wouldn't add a point to that site fear for you may take it as a dis. Here's the solution to for salt problem. We'll use it in the winter on the roads. I would argue that in addition to the 'false narrative' regarding dinosaurs, that the opposite is as well 'false' There dating be several who read this that may be offended, but I rationally ask you 'please don't shoot the messenger' Eric's pointing out all the Masonic links in finance, etc, to the so-called 'dinosaur hoax' was interesting to me in that it earthers precisely the conclusion I've come to in my own research regarding these same 'monetary controlling interests' and the beloved dating. It is as well increasingly obvious that is is from the ancient 'Jewish' text known as The Talmud that the basics of this vampiric structure came down to us from where it came to those who wrote it down as The Talmud?

    Well, that's anybody's guess: Off-Worlders is mine My point is to say that my research indicates that the fraudulence of the dinosaur-myth must as well be applied to the notion of the Bible. I have much more evidence to discuss if anyone is interested. With Respect, Jennifer Williams. I'm not quite buying it I agree there's a lot of evolutionary hocus pocus with the Dino idea, but while the name Dinosaur originated with Sir Richard Owen, Dragons have had a place in the myths, legends, and lore of nearly every people group in the world for thousands of years.

    They didn't have to dig up the bones, they lived along side of them and even hunted them. There are even a large number of eye witnesses Claiming to see them today. There is definitely a great deal of fraud when they "make" an entire skeleton from 3 bones, but I'm still of site opinion that dinosaurs i. Dragons did and maybe do exist. But if there's commercial gain involved--truth-stretching is the name of the game--just ask any advertiser I have one word.

    Thank you for your work. They tell us 3 lies before we are 5 years old - heliocentricism, evolution, and dinosaurs. These cast doubt on the existence of God, and it changes the Bible from history into mythology. We have been set up for a Great Deception that will involve fake aliens from fake planets orbiting fake stars, and we will be told we must upgrade our DNA or go extinct like the dinosaurs. Once you learn about soil erosion and corrosion yes, all the enzymes and processes underneath the soil that break down materials you realize the dinosaurs are a myth.

    Anyone who claims to have found bones of millions of years ago is a liar. Uranium is the most difficult element for the earth to break down is uranium shelf life 24, years. This is the longest lasting element in existence. But by less than a million years this too is broken down.

    Jewish Singles, Jewish Dating -

    No way can any creature still have bones in existence for millions of years that are still intact. I have just recently been looking into the Dinosaur issue and it has taken me about a week of research to realise I have been lied to, yet again. Is there anything in our lives that is genuine, apart from our indentured servitude? I have no childhood dreams left, they have all been shattered and lay about my feet decomposing.

    The most difficult aspect of realising the deception is having to live with it. One cannot talk about much of it openly as it causes leads to banishment and ridicule from the happy slaves.

    Front Page Podcast

    It is a very lonely existence, clamouring for the truth and digesting knowledge. Excellent stuff Eric. They find a finger bone and within a week we have a documentary about a 'new' dinosaur that went extinct some 65 - million years ago!! Theres a big space of time between 65 and million years. They can also tell us the daily life of a t rex just by looking at a fossil.

    Dating and the age gap: When is older too old? - Washington Times

    Flat were the dragons of legend in my opinion. Its hard for me to believe they didnt exist although anything is possible and i wouldnt rule it out that many types of dinosaur are fabricated to make us believe the earth was absolutely crawling with them. One thing i do agree with site - we are living in a world that feeds us huge lies on a daily basis and most people follow like sheep everything they are taught.

    Im just glad there are others out there who question for insane claims of dating. Fossils were created by paleontologist scammers out of wet cement and sand. Trevor Valle appears to enjoy beer. Interesting that hops were introduced in beer earthers the clergy, and hops induce docility.

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    1. Laura Larson:

      At what point does the age difference become scandalous? Throw out the obvious examples as outliers. The late Anthony Quinn was 81 when he impregnated a year-old.

    2. Sean Taliaferro:

      First I find they messed with the shape of the earth, set up an military industrial complex like space agency, and now all of the dinosaur bones shoved in my face since I was a child is a hoax too? My heart is broken I have been lied to on so many levels my whole life?

    3. Stephanie Moore:

      The Earth is a sphere. This is a simple fact that humans have known for thousands of years; it was incontrovertibly confirmed as soon as the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik 1 satellite in and it went … you know Nevertheless, a small but vocal group of people who insist that the world is flat — so-called flat-Earthers — have emerged online in recent years, and they seem to be sowing doubt about this most basic aspect of reality.

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