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Atharv Reclining Sectional by Red Barrel Studio

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Where to buy quality Atharv Reclining Sectional by Red Barrel Studio

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Atharv Reclining Sectional by Red Barrel Studio 

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Best Atharv Reclining Sectional by Red Barrel Studio for 2019



October 23, 2019


This Sectional is perfect it firm but yet comfortable. Easy to assemble, let’s say I will be spending much more time with my loved ones within the living room

October 23, 2019


The grey fabric is not microsuade which is really not an appropriate fabric whatsoever. It seems like those reusable food store bags, but slightly softer. Very disappointing. The color is fine. Definitely around the cool side of grey, yet it's similar to the picture. The bottom cushions have become firm, but I don't mind this. The assembly was pretty easy, once I fixed the attachments because they were bent initially....Read More

October 23, 2019


With all of the mixed reviews I wasn't sure I would such as this but it is an extremely cute couch for your price. It's super easy to construct.  read more 

October 23, 2019


Fast shipping and easy assembly, though having two persons constructing it might result in the work less enervating. Microfibers are soft, framework robust, comparatively cheap, and idyllic for apartments - maybe homes, too - due to the modest size. Cushions are firm, which I love, so avoid in the event you prefer plush sofas you can sink in. This is not an extravagance couch, but summarily comfortable, that is certainly good enough....Read More  read more 

October 23, 2019


I'm sitting on it as being I write... This sofa is amazing for that price. It's more firm than many people may like, but personally I'm a fan. The material is soft and generally seems to wear well. Love the clean, modern lines and design.  read more 


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