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Avatar Leather Reversible Reclining Sectional by Southern Motion

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Avatar Leather Reversible Reclining  Sectional by Southern Motion 

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Avatar Leather Reversible Reclining Sectional by Southern Motion Reviews 2019



November 15, 2019


Quicker delivery than expected, very nice material and simple to assemble. It's light and incorporates 2 matching pillows. The ottoman has good storage space

November 15, 2019


It's perfect! All my visitors love the couch and they ask where it's from? And now I have a coworker obtaining the exact same couch!

November 15, 2019


Very Classy Looking!  read more 

November 15, 2019


Very comfortable!  read more 

November 15, 2019


I wanted to give this 4 stars such as the love seat, but the right arm and further “ear piece” I think it’s called don’t seat very well, which is noticeable. I’ve covered it which has a throw and pillows, nevertheless the couch did not seem to fit together and also the love seat. Good for smaller spaces. Good looking with trimmed down design....Read More  read more 


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