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Herald Square Symmetrical Reclining Sectional by Latitude Run

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Herald Square Symmetrical Reclining Sectional by Latitude Run 

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Customer reviews: Herald Square Symmetrical Reclining Sectional by Latitude Run



June 17, 2019


Very nice better i quickly thought... Delivery men were extremely fast and extremely respectful.... They even cleaned up everything...

June 17, 2019


Perfect size

June 17, 2019


Not very comfortable and also the interlocking pieces seem unreliable. Yet it's organized for pretty much 12 months so far.  read more 

June 17, 2019


Super comfortable and appears sharp during my living room  read more 

June 17, 2019


It went together easily. It is easy to get free from and my dog loves gazing the window while using the bottom back!  read more 


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