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Arty Motion Reclining Sectional by Latitude Run

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Arty Motion Reclining  Sectional by Latitude Run 

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October 24, 2019


Beautiful, looks much like picture, good quality product for price, packaged well and simple to collect, would recommend. Rug as well as other ottoman was order at same time. I’m happy about them too....Read More

October 24, 2019


Great price appears like I paid many love tips on how to switch the ottoman up to make it appear to be it’s coupled to the couch

October 24, 2019


Works. Smaller than I anticipated coupled with no clue it could be simple together job. I hope it's going to last at the very least 2 yrs.  read more 

October 24, 2019


Purchased the sofa, love seat and club chair. Pros Rich color, nice detail Cons VERY firm cushions didnt anticipate that whatsoever. Also Im 58 and I can lay down for the sofa stretched out fine. However, it's very low. The set is quite small, I expected that it is bit bigger. Also after sitting in it for a little while (20 mins) my back hurts. I think this is due to firmness of the cushions and merely the entire love seat and sofa. I may return this, Im planning to test it out for ab read more 

October 24, 2019


I love this sofa!!  read more 


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