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Redding Loveseat by Darby Home Co 

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December 07, 2019


We love it. Our 1st Sofa's in 4 years. We sat on floor or air mattress.. thank you

December 07, 2019


For the amount of money paid. This couch seems like it won’t last for very long. Also it is much smaller it looks on-line. The sofa has been assembled however if I knew it could resemble this i might have returned it. The pillows that put on the couch will vary sizes and appear awkward...Read More

December 07, 2019


It was the perfect size for my apartment I like it a lot pretty good as I thought  read more 

December 07, 2019


Very comfy & perfect size for my room  read more 

December 07, 2019


It was the perfect size for my apartment I like it a lot pretty good as I thought  read more 

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