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Saginaw Loveseat by Corrigan Studio

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Saginaw  Loveseat by Corrigan Studio 

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November 19, 2019


Wonderful!! I love it!

November 19, 2019


Came early , took about 15 min to put together ,looks much like picture and came how described

November 19, 2019


I purchased this couch toward the end of last summer and still have been waiting to write a review until I knew the way organized. In general, I love it. It's the perfect size for smaller spaces, it is certainly comfortable, it appears apart really easily for transportation, and the cushions have held their shape effectively. However, about three months after I got it and minimal use, many of these little threads started popping out from the arms and the back cushions. I tried pulling them read more 

November 19, 2019


Its really simple to create, I like it allot  read more 

November 19, 2019


Very comfortable  read more 


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