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Simmons Upholstery Geaux Sterling Sleeper Sofa by Three Posts

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Simmons Upholstery Geaux Sterling Sleeper Sofa by Three Posts 

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Simmons Upholstery Geaux Sterling Sleeper Sofa by Three Posts Reviews 2019



December 16, 2019


The most uncomfortable couch I have ever sat on. The couch seems like cheap velvet (Walnut color) and it has this sheen into it that's so unappealing (appears like something which should be in a very strip club). The cushions cannot be harder as well as the feet are a couple of form of plastic, not wood. I am so disappointed. Can't believe I thought I got such a "deal." UPDATE: This couch was awful that I went out today and bought a COMFORTABLE couch locally. What a total waste o

December 16, 2019


It was obviously a great fit for my family room and it is really comfortable.

December 16, 2019


Awesome sofa. Super quick shipping.  read more 

December 16, 2019


Nice couch for your price. Love the suede material. Took me an hour or so to construct on my own but I’m bad with directions.  read more 

December 16, 2019


I adore it!  read more 


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