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Guineau Leather Reclining Sofa by Red Barrel Studio

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Where to buy cheap Guineau Leather Reclining Sofa by Red Barrel Studio

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Guineau Leather Reclining Sofa by Red Barrel Studio 

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The bestGuineau Leather Reclining Sofa by Red Barrel Studio



October 20, 2019


This is really a miniature sofa so if you are expecting more than dollhouse furniture I suggest you keep looking. Cons: TOO SMALL!!

October 20, 2019


For the cost, the couch fits my needs. After a year of use, the material on certain parts from the couch is starting to fray, but I guess thats due to daily use.

October 20, 2019


I love everything relating to this couch!! Way comfier than the futon I had (For the past 4 years) decided it was time to deal with myself while still residing in my budget! the setup was pretty quick, my family found help (4 folks) took about 20 min to acheive it! A great price for a great couch and I couldnt be happier. Highly recommended!...Read More  read more 

October 20, 2019


I such as this new futuristic style of Sofa very comfortable and cozied  read more 

October 20, 2019


Easy to construct by one person! Fits the room perfectly and it is comfortable to sit down on!  read more 


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