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Dale Sectional by Poshbin 

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November 14, 2019


My primary Wayfair purchase. Awesome sofa. Fits perfectly into my family area space. Very comfortable and seemed to be easy to assemble.

November 14, 2019


Weve owned this couch approximately half a year now. The couch does look good and pet hair is quite simple to take out. It also added a nice barrier between your eating area and family area. However, the couch is extremely short and too firm. The cushions also lost their form within a year. We also moved to a fresh house (not shown in pictures) and the sectional isnt very versatile when it comes rearranging and fits awkwardly inside new space. So we will be downsizing with a loveseat lo

November 14, 2019


Love the fashion and color and how I transformed my family room.  read more 

November 14, 2019


Its great all to easy to assemble soft. But would want to get a sofa cover  read more 

November 14, 2019


Very Classy Looking!  read more 


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