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Possibilities Loveseat by Birch Lane™ Heritage

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Possibilities Loveseat by Birch Lane™ Heritage 

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The bestPossibilities Loveseat by Birch Lane™ Heritage



November 22, 2019


I wish we would have picked a different couch. It is definitely not gray, it is blue and looks like denim. It's not comfortable in any way. I'm only 5 ft tall and I can't even rest my directly the trunk because a corner is so low, along with the cushions are very hard. Just after we purchased this, I saw the retail price took place almost $100, but wasn't offered a reimbursement for the difference. If we didn't have to purchase return shipping, this couch could be returning....Read More

November 22, 2019


This section is VERY uncomfortable and the springs have popped up in the cushions. Now you can glance at the cushion springs whenever you sit back and you'll be able to see them!

November 22, 2019


I live in a 3rd floor apartment when I moved here it was very hard to get furniture up there. This couch to arrive a box would be a life savor it is made in about 4 pieces, all to easy to put together and it’s comfortable firm as well .. love it !...Read More  read more 

November 22, 2019


I thought it was a littler bigger, but was easy to assemble.  read more 

November 22, 2019


It’s very cozy  read more 


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