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Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover by Sure Fit

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Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover by Sure Fit 

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Perfect Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover by Sure Fit with Outdoor



October 20, 2019


Very comfortable an easy task to assembled. Wayfair customers service was awesome.

October 20, 2019


its just prefect for my daughter and her group of 5, they love it

October 20, 2019


Easy to reassemble. Quality matches its cost !!!  read more 

October 20, 2019


For the purchase price, an excellent couch...puts together easily, looks nice.  read more 

October 20, 2019


The grovesare warped which prevents the back of the sofa to securely fit. I don’t feel approximately the aggravation of rebooting and returning. Just a total waste of money  read more 

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