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Wetherby Modular Sofa by Ebern Designs 

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Wetherby Modular Sofa by Ebern Designs Reviews 2019



November 12, 2019


Love it, looks great and comfy

November 12, 2019


Love the modern couches and hang up. Wanted to take some time our to say the the gentlemen who delivered my product (Marvin & Julio) were very professional and courteous. Left me which has a smile despite the fact that i did not have the full service that's needed. If i order a new product again i'd personally definitely desire them being individuals who deliver it. Thank you Marvin and Julio and thanks Wayfair....Read More

November 12, 2019


Looks just like an inexpensive sofa. Fabric less expected and also the overall fit and finish leaves much to be desired.  read more 

November 12, 2019


I am so sorry when deciding to take such a long time to publish this review! I thought I had done it along time ago. My 1 bedroom apartment is 499 sq. feet so I needed furniture on the smaller scale. This sofa and matching love seat goes so well during my small space as you have seen and fits the bedroom perfectly. I also purchased them whenever they were on discount sales understanding that was obviously a good deal also. Enjoy the pictures and Go purchase own today!...Read More  read more 

November 12, 2019


The couch is beginning to creak horribly. We’ve barely been with them two months! Not essentially the most comfortable either  read more 


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