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Saginaw  Loveseat by Corrigan Studio 

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Saginaw Loveseat by Corrigan Studio Reviews 2019



August 18, 2019


Very simple to build and the delivery team was great. Very happy by using it.

August 18, 2019


We love this couch! Overall, it's been great and was easily assembled. There were only 2 flaws for us. 1. The leather pieces arrived very dirty. It appeared to be it had gone via a sandstorm. It cleaned off with serious amounts of hard work, but has not been something I had planned on doing to my new couch. 2. The seat cushions were a little hard, especially in comparison to the soft back cushions. They've become a bit softer over the past week though. This couch has been great despite the

August 18, 2019


The Sofa is perfect for a smaller size apartment. Very easy to put together, I am a female and I assemble it in less than 30 mins. Its firm It’s not soft enough to even sleep on and its lowshort. Only downfall may be the Fed Ex guy did not deliver it to my 3rd Floor Apartment. He literally left it as you're watching house. I had to get it down step by step around my apartment its heavy! Other than that its an excellent looking sofa for especially for the price....Read More  read more 

August 18, 2019


Easy to construct so comfortable  read more 

August 18, 2019


Barely capable of getting this to be together and very awkward, alittle frustrated because I had to haul this as much as the other floor of my apartment and it is wobbly and won't assembly  read more 


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