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Saginaw Loveseat by Corrigan Studio

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Saginaw  Loveseat by Corrigan Studio 

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October 19, 2019


Great piece

October 19, 2019


It is greater than expected, which I like! The ottoman is perfect for space for storage! It was delivered in 3 separate boxes, that most came simultaneously, also it was simple enough to build! My only con could be the pillows, I was unaware that the pillows were 2 types of material (one part may be the same material with the sofa and the other was pleather). I am slightly disappointed the pillows have pleather, but overall I love the sofa ottoman!...Read More

October 19, 2019



October 19, 2019


I are in a 3rd floor apartment when I moved here it was very difficult to get furniture available online for. This couch arriving a box would be a life savor it's available in about 4 pieces, an easy task to build and it’s comfortable firm at the same time .. find it irresistible !...Read More  read more 

October 19, 2019


Fits inside my area perfectly and it's comfy and sturdy.  read more 


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